Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Cleveland Browns Fight Song

Here is a short clip of something I have'nt heard much in a very long time-The Cleveland Browns "Fight Song"..Written By George T. "Red" Bird, famed musical director of the Cleveland Browns. He was originally hired by Paul Brown at Massillon High School in the 1930's to form the famous "Tiger Swing Band"..The Browns Fight Song was created in 1946 and has been used throughout the Browns' History at the Stadium and On Radio Broadcasts..

One thing I never knew-This song had lyrics..
Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland,
For the greatest team in the land
We raise our voices, in one great chorus,
Just to make them understand
We're proud they come from Cleveland,
Where we play the best football
Hi-O-Hi-O for Cleveland
To the greatest pro team of all !

We're All-American people
From an All-American town
We cheer the Indians, we cheer the Barons
And we cheer the Cleveland Browns.
We're all for one with Cleveland
We sing to her renown.
For we're All-American people
From an All-American town!

Lyrics by Paul Van Loan Music by George T. Bird

I like the way they work the Indians and Hockey Barons into the song..(editorial note:While I like having the AHL Monsters around, Cleveland Barons STILL sounds better to me..)

I love this tune..It says "Cleveland Browns Tradition" to me more than anything..
Thanks to Chris Zimmer for sharing this..

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  1. The Barons were forever tainted with that last logo of the Shark with the monacle.