Saturday, January 24, 2009

Classic Photos #2-WAKR-TV 23

Here, again from Ed Thomas of North Canton..More Photographs..All from WAKR-TV Channel 23 in Akron from the Late 1970's-Early 1980's.

Carol Costello and Mike DePasquale

11PM News Team in 1978-79-Dick Russ and Debbie Cutter are in the Center..

WAKR-23 Livelink tower and station news vehicles

Set where Billy Soule hosted "23 Music Videos" for several years..

Christmas Test Pattern ID slide for WAKR-TV..

Thanks once again to Ed Thomas for these..I want to do more of a History of WAKR-TV 49/23 here in the next few weeks..Not generally known is that originally Channel 23 was licensed to Massillon, Ohio with the Call Letters WMAC. Have a good weekend everybody..


  1. I used to think Mike DePasquale name was really Mikey Pasquale.

  2. I just got to say i love this site keep up the good work i love radio and television history espically here in the Cleveland area