Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Action 3 News-People In Action-December 23, 1976

The NBC-TV "Block N" used in the 1970's and 80's. From a screencap of WKYC=TV's 35th anniversary special in 1983.

Here, from videoholic 60's and 70's are two video clips from WKYC-TV 3's "Action 3 News"..Dated December 23, 1976..The first is an intro to the recap of the Mona Scott weather forecast, which she alerts the viewers to a "winter weather advisory" and gives intructions for shoveling snow safely (sound familiar?)followed by the closing story about a "Santa Claus" that ended up in jail.

The second video has the ending newscast tag with Doug Adair and A gentleman that Doug refers to as "Cam" (likely Cameron) but I did not see/hear his last name...leading into the NBC Nightly News with John Chancellor.

UPDATE:Cleveland Classic Media Reader Firebird tells me "Cam's" full name is Cameron Harper..A name I barely remembered..Thanks Firebird..

Two things of note:The Action 3 news theme at the end..Though it was only instrumental, I recognized it right away..Commercials of the period featured the lyrics that went something like this:

Action 3 News (We're people in action)
Action 3 News (We're people in action)
Action 3 News!!

Secondly:The NBC logo was the Block "N" that was used for several years, replacing the "NBC Snake" logo..eventually getting NBC in trouble with The Nebraska Educational TV Network, which used a similar logo,

One more note:Doug Adair and Mona Scott everntually co-anchored at TV 3, where after a time, they got married and moved to WCMH-TV 4 in Colimbus, where they continued anchoring for a number of years thereafter..

Part 1

Part 2


  1. Cam is Cameron Harper. The network probably brought him to Cleveland since WKYC was used as a training ground for a lot of their talent, such Al Roker, Asa Aarons, and Scott Osborne.

    Harper has anchored in Dallas, San Francisco, Phoenix, and Indianapolis. He is now the anchor at WLMT/WPTY in Memphis.

  2. If I recall correctly, that round overhead fixture that appeared to hang over the news desk was actually a small fixture, less than a foot wide, that was suspended directly in front of the lens of the camera that had the wide shot. That's why that shot was always a lock-down.


  3. I remember Cameron Harper as being a very good anchor and I was not a happy camper at all towards channel 3 and NBC when they brought in a certain Amanda Arnold instead of making Harper the permanent anchor after Mike Landess left.