Thursday, December 13, 2007

Encore:WJKW-TV 8 Cleveland-NewsCenter 8 December 24, 1977

This was posted originally on December 13, 2007..A complete newscast, including commercials and holiday greeting spots..Original posting is below..

Tonight we present courtesy of Google Video, a complete Newscenter 8 broadcast from 30 years ago.. Saturday, December 24, 1977..The 32-minute program includes all commercials, as well as before and after newscast promo spots. There are several nice, heartwarming TV 8 "Seasons Greetings" spots..The Anchors were Jim Finerty and Kathy Adams with News, Mike Marlier with weather and Fred McLeod on Sports (now FSN-Channel 43 Cavaliers announcer)..In one of the last spots, we see Channel 8 was the 1977-78 local TV home for the Cavaliers, plus the sportscast mentions Barons NHL Hockey..being Christmas Eve, it was a relatively slow news day..

Note:The video above is actually a repeat posting from July 10th, 2007, but many of our newer readers may not have come across it as yet. Being closer to Christmas, I thought it was appropriate to repeat..


  1. Great video. Always fun to see things like that.

    Did you notice that the husband in the commercial for Lemon Joy Dishwashing Soap was Bob McGrath from Sesame Street? I kept waiting for him to pull out three clean dishes and a dirty one and sing "One of these things is not like the other . . ."

    And I do believe that was Audrey Landers in the Puffs commercial.

  2. Geez, 30 years have gone by since this show aired. Finerty went on to PM Magazine at the station. Where is he now? Kathy Adams went on to the then Storer station in Detroit when GM Bill Flynn took over that station. Where is she? McLeod went there too. Main anchors Jim Hale and Jeff Maynor were fired and demoted, respectively. Main sportscaster Jim Mueller was ultimately canned. Of course Goddard is still alive and kicking...sort of :) Those were great, fun days. We took on the "giant", WEWS, and ultimately overtook them. Channel 8 hasn't looked back since. And now they're being sold...once again. Best to everyone.

    Tony Ballew

  3. I was over at the deadmalls (Dot) com website, and noticed an entry about the Randall Park Mall and it says that sometime around this time a manager of the Father and Son shoe store was found dead in a snowbank. Wounld this be the same person? Speaking of which what was in that gaint building that looks like apartments in front of the mall? It looks like it has not been used in sometime.

  4. Great posting.. love the commercials in the video.

    I cannot imagine a busy Randall Park Mall anymore!