Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Bill Holly Show: White Christmas-KHJ Channel 9 Los Angeles

Here is a very unusual clip:Los Angeles Kiddie Show Host Bill Holly, hosting Popeye cartoons in this clip, plays "White Christmas" on the trumpet. Very nicely I might add, after a bit of business with someone offstage..This is from KHJ-TV Channel 9 from 1966-67. He Then introduces the Popeye short, "Balmy Swami" The original poster of this, ddimuro is seen at the end of the clip as a boy with Bill Holly..Here is his background on the video:

"Bill performs White Christmas on trumpet for The Bill Holly Popeye Show, which ran on Los Angeles station KHJ-9 in 1966-67. Programs from this era were routinely erased, but Bill was able to save a reel's worth of his legacy and sent me a copy.

As far as I know, this clip is the last existing Holly show video. There are also a very few still photos."

I know I have some Blog readers in Southern California that might enjoy this..For others, this recalls the tradition of Captain Penny, Barnaby, Woodrow, Mr. Jingeling and others..Thanks very much to ddimuro for sharing..

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