Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Retired WKYC-TV reporter passes away

April 30, 1969 TV Guide Ad for WKBF-TV 61's 10:00 News..The first 10PM Newscast in Cleveland.

WKYC-TV Senior Director Frank Macek has reported in his blog last evening that Veteran Channel 3 News Reporter John Herrington passed away last night. He began his TV career at WDAF-TV Kansas City in 1958. He first came to Cleveland as the news anchor for WKBF-TV 61's 10:00 News, the first 10 PM Newscast in Cleveland in 1968-69..He then began at channel 3 as a reporter in 1971 and stayed 22 years..for a total of 25 years in the Cleveland Market. Herrington had a very low, authoritative "reporter" voice if you will..He was good at what he did, had the respect of his peers and was well liked by the viewers. Funeral arrangements are pending..Prayers go out to the Herrington family at this time..

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