Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Christmas In July..from WJKW-TV 8 Cleveland (1977)

Recently found this in Google Video..The Entire NewsCenter 8 Newscast at 6PM for Saturday December 24, 1977. This is unique in that the video is in one file. The whole newscast at one time..Including commercials and station promos. Several heartwarming "Seasons Greetings" spots with the staff of TV 8 and their Children. While there was some violence that day the mood was fairly light being that it was Christmas Eve. The talent on hand that day included Jim Finerty and Kathy Adams, Mike Marlier with weather and Fred McLeod (Now Cavaliers announcer), with Sports, Including reports on the Cavaliers and the NHL Cleveland Barons. Really kind of a Time Machine of a seemingly simpler time 30 years ago..Thought it might cool us off by thinking of the Holidays coming up...

Push the Play button on the left to begin the video..Enjoy!


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  2. Wow! look at the set and graphics! There's a big difference between 1977 and now, especially with the new set coming on July 16. I see they were still using the City Camera name with the Newscenter8 name. And they were already doing some early chroma key with the over the shoulder graphics. And there was a young Dick Goddard and Gary Stromberg.
    The style of news from then is similar to the way they do news now.

  3. Glad people are enjoying this- I'm the one who uploaded it. I found it amongst a collection of Beta tapes I got from an Ebay seller with no idea of what was on them. On this tape someone had recorded the Lawrence Welk Show, and let the tape keep running to the end afterwards and never taped over it, preserving this newscast for eternity. I have another entire newscast from this station circa May 1978 recorded the same way, but need to find someplace else that'll let me upload all of it.

  4. Thanks for sharing this..About the other Newscast, you could share it on Facebook in 20 and 10 minute parts..Not ideal, but better than not sharing it at all..Wish I had a Beta Player..I'd be scouring Goodwill stores, etc..

    Tim Lones