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Away For a Few Days:Cleveland TV 1949

1949 Vintage ad for WEWS-TV Channel 5 from TeleVue Magazine out of Cleveland. Notice the mention of Coaxial Cable..This Cable, which made possible live TV programming as far west as Chicago, was completed on January 11, 1949..

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My wife and I will be gone on a 15th Anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, Canada July 17-19, so this will be the last update till after July 20 (Not that we've updated that often anyway.)

As a companion to the above ad, Here are the Weekend TV listings for February 5-6, 1949 exactly as printed in TeleVue..These listings are unique in the detail for the time. Most Local Newspapers, If they carried TV listings at all, had one line for the show title and you couldnt always tell what it was by the title. Listings here have the sponsor, network and origin point (Chicago, New York, Hollywood, etc.)

Saturday, February 5, 1949

WEWS-TV Channel 5 (listed first in all listings-They had most of the ad space as well)


10:00 Test Pattern and Tone
2:00 Test Pattern and Tone

6:00 Test Pattern and Tone
6:30 Lucky Pup Review (CBS-NY) A full half-hour with Lucky Pup in a special adventure.
7:00 News (ABC-NY) Interviews with the Income Tax Experts
7:15 Wren's Nest (ABC-NY) Another Adventure in the life of the Wren Family
7:30 News (CBS-NY) World News with on-the-spot film coverage
7:45 Make Mine Music (CBS)
8:00 Film Shorts
8:30 Pabst Presents:Hockey:Cleveland Barons Vs. Buffalo Bisons from the (Cleveland) Arena. (American Hockey League-Barons were defending 1948 Calder Cup Champions)
10:30 To Be Announced

Sunday, February 6, 1949
4:30 Test Pattern And Music
4:45 WEWS Film Featurette:"Life Has Its Ups and Downs"
5:00 Super Circus (ABC-Chicago)-Fun For the Whole Family Under The Big Top
6:00 Cartoon Teletales (ABC-NY) With Chuck and Jack)
6:30 Ireene Wicker-The Singing Lady (ABC-NY) Songs and Stories
7:00 Old Gold Presents:The Original Amateur Hour (DuMont-NY)Ted Mack Gives young talent a chance for Fame and Fortune
8:00 Hollywood Screen Test (ABC-NY) Screen star Mary Anderson joins Neil Hamilton to test unknown actors.
8:30 Actors' Studio(ABC-NY) "Jim Pemberton and His Boy Trigger" by William Saroyan
9PM Emerson Presents:"Toast Of The Town" (CBS-NY)-Mc is Ed Sullivan with guest stars of top Broadway musical Hits "Lend an Ear" and "Where's Charley?"
10:00 WEWS Film Featurette "Strikes to Spare"

WNBK-Channel 4

(NBC Owned and Operated)

Saturday, February 5, 1949


6:45 Bulletin Board
6:50 Children's Film
7:00 Sportsdesk
7:30 The Armchair Travel(er)
8:00 "Scattergood Baines"
9:00 "NBC Television Newsreel"

Sunday, February 6, 1949


7:10 Bulletin Board
7:15 Feature Film
8:30 "Golden Wedding"
9:00 Philco Television Playhouse-"The Late Christopher Bean" with Lillian Gish and Bert Lytell-NC (Network Commercial)
10:00 NBC News Review-(Disney Hats)-NC
10:15 Program Previews

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