Friday, May 20, 2011

New Blog Info Source:Plain Dealer Archive

Front Page of Cleveland Plain Dealer January 12, 1918..Notice the masthead:CLEVELAND Plain Dealer, rather than just "Plain Dealer" since the 1960's.

A number of times, I've mentioned where I get much of the material for the blogs and the Facebook Page, I won't go into that again, but I do want to announce an exciting development..

I made a daylong trip to Cleveland last Monday, May 16..I probably take these trips 3-4 times a year to visit landmarks, take in a sporting event, but mostly to do research at the Cleveland Public Library..Made a stop at the Library once again..This time, after a bit of research, I decided to try something new..

I'd been made aware of a digitized Cleveland Plain Dealer Archive, which consists of a vast majority of the Complete Plain Dealer Newspapers from 1845-1991..In years past, I'd been denied a Cleveland Library card because of not living in Cuyahoga County..They changed their policy, apparently as I signed up for a Library card Monday with no problem. With Modern Libraries, a Card opens a lot of doors to research databases, Newspapers, Magazines, downloadable audio and video, etc..from Home Computers as well as inside the Library..The Plain Dealer Vintage Archive is one of the databases that can be accessed from Home Computers.

What this means is that I now have a fullly accessible history of Broadcasting in Cleveland from 1922-91, including the entire History of Cleveland/Northeast Ohio Television up to 1991..I've already on the Facebook Page shared The Premiere of Pete Franklin's Sportsline in Cleveland on WERE and Captain Penny's 10th Anniversary on TV 5..This is an outstanding development for the blog and I hope to take full advantange of this opportunity.

My heartfelt thanks to Cleveland Public Library for their assistance in allowing this to happen..


  1. Really. I wanted to get a CPL card too so I would have access and I too was denied because I no longer live in Cuyahoga County. Did you have to do something special to obtain card?

  2. msd01:
    I didnt have to do anything special..They took my information from my State ID card..It was in the 1980's that they denied me..I dont know where you live now, so I cant comment further..

  3. "Free library cards are issued by the Cleveland Public Library to permanent residents of the State of Ohio."

    Quote from CPL's website..Unless you live out of state or there are other issues involved, i would think you should be able to get a card..

  4. Thanks for the Plain Dealer Archive! I have been enjoying the past TV listings!