Monday, May 30, 2011

Barnaby's first Success..

One of the first TV Guide ads for the Popeye Show on KYW-TV 3, to premiere September 2, 1957..

Publicity photo for Barnaby (Linn Sheldon)Courtesy

The above article is from the Cleveland Plain Dealer November 16, 1957. TV Writer Tom O' Connell Interviews Linn Sheldon, two months after the premiere of "The Barnaby Show"..The show has become a breakout success, even beating the Mickey Mouse Club on Channel 5 by a margin of 3 to 1 in the ratings..One could argue that no one else locally had that kind of fast success until Ernie Anderson's "Ghoulardi" came along in January 1963 on WJW-TV 8..Sheldon seems amazed that after being on Cleveland TV for 9 years, that Barnaby/Popeye has been so successful, so fast..

Sheldon, of course, continued with Barnaby for most of the next 33 years, playing the character on channel 43 from 1969-90.

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