Monday, November 2, 2009

Cleveland TV January 1973...Blooper Fun from the 1980s..

Plain Dealer TV Week Listings Tuesday, January 30, 1973..This was probably the best time for Local TV as you had two full-power Indys (WKBF-61, WUAB-43)fighting it out for audience..Cavaliers Basketball and Crusaders Hockey were both on Channel 43 with Frank Sweeney and Ted Patterson doing the announcing..Hadnt heard of them before or since..Paul Dixon aired on WKBF weekdays at 1..probably the first time his show aired in Cleveland since the DuMont Days..(1953-54). The note about the "Magician" movie is interesting in that it led to a series (1973-74) with Bill Bixby, as well as a lifelong interest in Magic for Bixby..

Plain Dealer TV Week Highlites Tuesday January 30, 1973..WJW-AM 850 Ed Fisher Ad..As always,Click the picture to read..

Good morning..

From Videoholic 1980's..Just under 10 minutes of TV News Bloopers, mostly from Cleveland but also from other TV markets..This would be from around 1980-81..

Within the next week or two, once I get my pictures developed, I'll give a report on the recent Ghoulardifest. At the same time I will review the "Turn Blue" Documentary..Near the end of November I will do a review on a new Christmas TV book written by a local author..


  1. Dear Mr. Lones:

    I really enjoy your website, especially your television listings in the past. I was wondering what would have been on at 7:30 on Channel 43 instead of hockey. Thanks in advance.

    Bill McDonnell

  2. Bill:
    Thanks a lot for your kind words..Based on the Thursday, February 1, 1973 listings, Dragnet would have been on at 7:30, Boris Karloff Presents (Probably Thriller reruns) at 8PM, follwed by a Movie (Star Movie) from 9-11 PM with The Untouchables at 11..This assumes Monday-Friday is the same if there are no Sports on..Thanks for stopping by and have a good week..

  3. Also, we can assume this would be the Jack Webb/Harry Morgan 1967-70 Dragnet

  4. Dear Mr. Lones:

    Thanks for the information. I would have guessed either the "Beverly Hillbillies" or "I Love Lucy". (Although it would have been out of prime time almost fifteen years at this point.) Once again, the old listings are a good snapshot of the past.

    Bill McDonnell

  5. This was really, really funny. Tempered only by the the knowledge that many of my favorites here have passed on.

  6. Bill:
    I Love Lucy was aired on WKBF-61 at 8:30..The Beverly Hillbillies had just left CBS Daytime and were not yet in syndicatiom..

  7. It's amazing the amount of shows in black & white that WKBF/61 showed compared to WUAB/43. I'm supposing that Kaiser was already in trouble by 1973 and could not afford newer shows in color.

    Though, today we would love to see many of those old shows back on TV.

    I Love Lucy was the last show to be seen on WKBF before it signed off permanently in 1975.