Tuesday, February 26, 2008

WKYC 50th Anniversary special End Credits

From WKYC-TV 3's 50th Anniversary special October 27, 1998..Del Donahoo, joined by Romona Robinson in the final portion of the special with Del's closing comments and the end credits, superimposed over some clips from Channel 3 personalities of the past..This is my own first attempt at a YouTube video..I hope to do more in the future once I can figure out how to edit videos down to usable size..This comes from a VHS copy of the special as it originally aired..

@1998 Gannett Corp. Some content courtesy National Broadcasting Company and Westinghouse


  1. Nice - thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, that was so nice. I enjoyed getting a glimpse of Wally Kinnan again, and I know some opf those folks mentioned in the credits. BTW, one of those people, Tory Occhipinti, passed away last year. He was a longtime cameraman/engineer at WKYC, and was the first to use the station's new-fangled HL-79 "minicam" when they first got their feet wet with EJ. He was nicknamed "The Ikegami Kid" by co-workers for his quick familiarity with the camera.

    RIP, Tori.