Monday, February 11, 2008

How Do You Like Your Eggs?-Obscure Bill Cullen Game Show

Here's something I never thought i'd see..A Pilot episode of "How Do You Like Your Eggs?" experimental game show done for 200 Warner Cable Columbus, Ohio customers..They were experimenting with a 2-way interactive Television system called "Qube" in Summer 1977..The producer actually went to a Syndicated "To Tell The Truth" taping and talked Bill Cullen into coming down to Columbus, Ohio and hosting this program...Cullen easily could have balked over coming to "small-town" Columbus, but He agreed to do it..4 Episodes were made..A part of what was the "third" pilot episode is in the "related videos"

While A lot of the production was decidedly amateur, Bill, being the pro that he was, Hosted the show as if he'd been in Columbus for years and was having a great time at it..

While Qube was phased out by 1984, another aspect of the Warner Amex System survives today..Cable Channels for specific interests were introduced..One of these Channels, "Pinwheel" evolved into what is now the Nickelodeon Channel.

While I am sure Bill was compensated for his hosting this show..He was given a gift of..An Atari Pong Game!..

Thanks to Game Show Guru Adam Nedeff for posting this Gem..

Matt Ottinger's Bill Cullen Homepage has a little more about this unique show.

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