Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our biggest day ever-And a new link..

Just wanted to share a couple things this morning..Our most recent post on John Hambrick drew the biggest single day response from readers in the history of the Cleveland Classic Media Blog..We use an application called to count the number of users that come through the blog on any given day. The general average is 60-90 visits per day with over 100 whenever I post something new. We have hit 136 twice..The Hambrick story was posted Monday at 3:15 PM and had the usual spike of page visitors resulting in a final Monday total of 130..A really good day but nothing that unusual, being that something new had just been posted.

A site called, a clearinghouse for information of use to TV professionals, especially news anchors and reporters, noticed the John Hambrick Debut story and featured it Tuesday morning on its website. I first noticed something unusual when 28 visitors showed up between 9-10 AM EST..I usually average 0-9 visitors for any one hour with a previous high total of 18...It was only the beginning. There were two hours of 31 and one hour of 34 visitors in the afternoon..An Average of 13 throughout the 24 hour day ending Midnight Wednesday and a total viewership of 317 throughout Tuesday. I was floored by the response, and much of it was due to the TVSpy Article. As of 5:30 This morning, there are 18 more visitors..Unusual for the overnight hours. also has the latest Happenings in the TV News industry and forums for TV personnel..Its basic service is free but there is a Gold membership that they charge for. I am adding a link to to the set of blog links as of this morning..Looks rather interesting..Thanks also to our regular readers for helping us have our biggest day ever..


  1. I could say that I'm jealous, but you deserve the attention Tim. You work hard at your blog and it shows repeatedly.

    I still say that you should do this for a paycheck.

  2. I echo the first comment by "74wixygrad" -- your blog is great, Tim! Glad to see you're getting such well-deserved exposure to more readers.

  3. I hope fans of vintage television are watching the PBS series "Pioneers of Television". Not perfect, to be sure, but great fun. In conjunction with this series, WCET in Cincinnati is posting video interviews with Cincinnati broadcast pioneers, many of whom will be known by others across Ohio. Check it out at:

  4. WIXY and emery_r
    Thanks for the well wishes.

    I watched the first "Pioneers Of Television" last week. I thought it was all right, but I wish they could have mentioned more shows than concentrating on just the ones they featured throughout the hour, Though they were deserving..Also, there was at least one noticeable error..Carl Reiner supposedly "discovered" Dick Van Dyke in "Bye Bye Birdie" On Broadway in 1963..The only problem is, The Duck Van Dyke Show premiered in 1961.I'll be watching the one about talk shows tonight..