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Looking Back:June 1961

TV Guide Ad for an early News Special on South Vietnam shown on KYW-TV 3-This was part of a monthly Internationally produced series called "Intertel"..Presumably on the Westinghouse stations, though it may have been shown in other countries as well. This was an example of Westinghouse airing interesting, thought provoking shows and specials in Prime Time. Pre-empted "National Velvet" and "Tab Hunter"
Of course, history showed that South Vietnam did not survive..

Ad for Special "Ice Capades:Summer On Ice, 1961" on NBC-TV

TV Guide Ad for Syndicated "Man Without a Gun" on WEWS-TV 5-Sponsored by Fisher Foods of Cleveland

Ad for Off Network "Honeymooners" In syndication on WJW-TV 8-"The Classic 39"-TV Guide

Today We'll take a look at June 1961..Highlights:
WJW-8 had a live wrestling show from Cleveland at 5PM Saturday, June 3..

TV 8 was in its first of 19 straight years of Cleveland Indians Baseball telecasts..Ken Coleman and Harry Jones were the announcers.

The Movie Show, "Ernie's Place" was featured Monday-Friday 9:30-11AM on WJW-TV 8-"Ernie" being Ernie Anderson of later "Ghoulardi" Fame alog with "Director" Tim Conway, just a short time before his move to Hollywood and "McHale's Navy" fame..

Jack Paar was being shown on WEWS-TV 5 at 11:15 Monday-Friday-The only regular color show on TV 5's schedule..

KYW-3 had a half hour News show Monday-Friday at Noon
WEWS-5 had a 10 minute news show-followed by Captain Penny

Bill Jorgensen had nightly local news at Channel 3, before moving on to New York City where he spent most of his career

Tom Field was lead anchor on Channel 5

Doug Adair had "City Report" at 11:10 most nights, following Warren Guthrie's "Sohio Reporter"

KYW-1100 DJ "Big" Wilson, In addition to hosting early evening weather, was the 1:00 PM movie host at Channel 3.

Friday, June 9, 1961

From TV Guide

KYW-3 NBC Cleveland

6:20 News
6:25 Farm Fare
7AM Today (Listed as Dave Garroway)
9AM Funsville
9:30 Truth Or Consequences
10AM Give N Take-Haley
10:30 Play Your Hunch-Griffin COLOR
11AM Price Is Right-Cullen COLOR
11:30 Concentration-Downs
Noon News
12:30 It Could Be You Leyden-COLOR
1PM Big's Party Line-Movie (KYW 1100 DJ Big Wilson)
Rage In Heaven 1941
2:30 Loretta Young
3PM Young Dr. Malone-Serial
3:30 From These Roots-Serial
4PM Make Room For Daddy
4:30 Barnaby, Popeye and Friends
5:05 Movie-Tarzan And His Mate 1934
6:30 News-Bill Jorgensen
6:40 Weather-Big Wilson
6:45 NBC News Huntley/Brinkley
7PM Quick Draw McGraw
7:30 Flight-Drama
8PM One Happy Family-Comedy
8:30 Five Star Jubilee-COLOR
Rex Allen Hosts
9PM Lawless Years
9:30 Nanette Fabray
10PM Michael Shayne
11PM News Bill Jorgensen Weather Jim Gerard Sports Jim Graner
11:20 Movie Out Of The Past 1942
1AM Movie Louisiana Purchase 1953

WEWS 5 ABC Cleveland

8:55 News
9AM Theater 5
9:30 Romper Room
10AM Paige Palmer
11AM Gale Storm
11:30 Love That Bob!
Noon News
12:10 Noon Show-Captain Penny
1PM One O Clock Club-Fuldheim
2:30 Seven Keys-Narz
3PM Queen For A Day-Bailey
3:30 Who Do You Trust-Carson
4PM American Bandstand-Clark
5PM Captain Penny's Clubhouse
5:30 Three Stooges
6:30 Dorothy Fuldheim
6:45 News-Tom Field
6:55 Weather-Susan Sadler
7PM Assignment:Underwater
7:30 San Francisco Beat(Synd.)
8PM Harrigan And Son-Comedy
8:30 Flintstones
Perry Gunite Episode

9PM 77 Sunset Strip
10PM Robert Taylors Detectives
10:30 Third Man
11PM News Tom Field
11:15 Jack Paar
1AM News

WJW 8 CBS Cleveland

7AM Home Economics
7:30 Rex Humbard
7:45 Clutch Cargo
8:15 Captain Kangaroo
9AM Ed Allen Exercise
9:30 Morning Movie-Dangerously They Live 1941
11AM Double Exposure-Game
11:30 Your Surprise Package-Fenneman
Noon Love Of Life
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Dr. Hudson-Synd.
1:30 As The World Turns
2PM You Asked For It
2:30 House Party Linkletter
3PM Millionaire-Drama
3:30 Verdict Is Yours
4PM Brighter Day-Serial
4:15 Secret Storm
4:30 Edge Of Night
5PM Movie-Maid Of Salem 1937
6:30 Cannonball-Adventure
7PM City Camera News-Doug Adair
7:10 Sports-John Fitzgerald
7:15 CBS News-Douglas Edwards
7:30 Rawhide
8:30 To Be Announced (CBS:Route 66)
9PM Dugout Interviews
9:15 Baseball-Cleveland Indians At Detroit Tigers
Ken Coleman/Harry Jones-Indians won 5-4
12:15 Sohio Reporter Warren Guthrie
12:25 City Report-Doug Adair
12:30 Sports-Fitzgerald
12:35 Movie Circle Of Danger-1951

WAKR 49 Akron ABC

11AM Gale Storm
11:30 Love That Bob!
Noon Camouflage-Game
12:30 Number Please-Collyer
1PM About Faces-Game
1:30 Cartoon Time
2PM Day In Court
2:30 Seven Keys-Narz
3PM Queen For A Day-Bailey
3:30 Who Do You Trust-Carson
4PM American Bandstand-Clark
5PM Movie Flesh 1932
6:30 Akron Baptist Temple
6:45 ABC News
7PM Local News-Jack Fitzgibbons
7:15 Little League Baseball (Highlights)
7:30 Matty's (Mattell) Funday Funnies (Cartoons)
8PM Harrigan And Son
8:30 Movie No Leave No Love 1946
10:30 Movie Fingers at the Window 1942
Midnight Passport To Danger

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