Saturday, March 31, 2007

TeleVue-Cleveland's first "TV Guide"

Before Tivo's, DVR's and On Screen program guides, most of us got our TV program information from the newspaper or some stations even mailed program schedules to viewers in the earliest days of television. As programming got more developed, there was a need for a digest form of publication. Newspapers started to fill the void but other companies undertook independently owned TV Listing Magazines..TV Guide began as a strictly New York Publication before going national in 1953.

Many other cities had their own similar magazines, and Cleveland had theirs, known as TeleVue, Which began publishing in February 1949. The 16 page magazine covered not only TV, but FM radio and had nightclub, theater and sports listings There were only channel 5 WEWS and WNBK 4 listed at the time. FM stations WERE 98.5 and WEWS 102.1 were featured as well as Cleveland Barons AHL Hockey schedules. The magazine was published at 2160 Payne Avenue, Cleveland. It cost 10 cents an issue or $3.00 for a full year
(6 cents an issue for the whole year). There are 5 issues on microfilm at Cleveland Public Library from February-April 1949. The listings below come from an educational teaching website.

Click on each page to see it in full. I find this to be a very interesting look at the entertainment culture/life of Cleveland in the late 1940's.

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  1. Tim,

    Great Post. I'm enjoying the historical aspect you put on things. We might have to start calling you professor.