Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hello All:-A little about me.

My name is Tim Lones...I reside in Canton, Ohio with my wife of nearly 15 years, Linda. I have worked in a Canton, Ohio grocery store as a stocker for over 15 years..Many of you have had contact with me through various Radio-Television Message Boards such as Radio-Info, Radio Insight and Ohio Media Watch, While I have interest in Radio-TV Broadcasting as a whole my particular focus for this blog will be"Classic Media" In NE Ohio..Television and Radio in particular. I might also comment on recent happenings in Broadcasting but I am not a "News Source"..I'll leave that to OMW and others.

While this will be mainly a media blog, I will also comment on some of my other interests, including but not limited to..Game Shows, Animated cartoons, Classic Country Music, DBS Satellite/Cable networks/programming, Southern Gospel/Christian topics Sports , and anything else that strikes my fancy..I hope to get maybe 2-3 postings in a week depending on work, etc..Thanks for reading..


  1. Tim,

    Welcome to the blogosphere. I will be putting your link over in my list, as well as chatting it up in one of my next posts.

    Having gotten to know your interests in the recent past tells me that this endeavor should be very fruitful for you.

    Cliff Feightner aka 74WIXYgrad

  2. Tim, Congratulations, and good luck. I look forward to reading your blog.

    Take Care
    Mike Dane

  3. Tim:

    Good luck with the blog. I love reading about broadcast history.

    I'll be checking in often.

    "I'm Alan Freed, and this is Rock N Roll."

  4. Hiya, Tim!

    I've added your link to my cartooning blog.

    Now, let's talk Ernie Anderson...

  5. Hi Tim -

    Have you really been a stocker for 15 years? Do you like the job or is it just a j-o-b? I think it's a cool thing that a work-a-day guy like yourself has so many interests, is well-read and intelligent. You can put a lot of "media types" to shame as far as your writing skills and scope of interests!

    Nice job, Tim.

  6. Hey Danny:
    I appreciate the kind words.. Theu mean a great deal coming from you..Just trying to have a little fun with something I enjoy..I always thought there should be a site devoted to Cleveland Broadcasting History both Radio And TV. I figured this would be about as meaningful. And the Blogger software (free) made it easy to set up.

    I enjoy my job, though theyve been cutting back my hours from 35 a week to 25. The place I work is Fishers Foods in Canton (not related to the old Fisher-Fazio in Cleveland). My voice would never cut it in radio..Except for the hours I feel pretty good about my job mostly..

  7. tim-welcome aboard. i appreciate the insights you share on omw, and the ri twins. good luck--david5258

  8. tim e-mail me ed kienzler to become a new memner my OTR club and good luck with your blog!!!my address is