Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring 2014 Update-Facebook Page

First Fred Reinert regular TV drawing November 28, 1953

Tonight I want to, for those who aren't regular readers of the C-C-M Facebook Page, update some things that have been added  to that page since it started in January 2010.  Several regular features are now part of the page, some daily, some weekly..

FRED REINERT CLASSIC SATURDAY-Since late 2012, we have been featuring drawings of iconic Plain Dealer artist Fred Reinert, who drew local and national tv related drawings as part of The Saturday Weekly TV section from late 1953 into 1956.  Posting once each Saturday Morning.  We are now into Spring 1955.

CLASSIC TV/RADIO DAILY-Picking out a random month/year corresponding to today's date-Posting schedules and program highlights for that day..

THROWBACK THURSDAY (TBT)-Taking a page from the Facebook tradition of posting "throwback" pictures of the past, This feature takes a rare local or national broadcast from anywhere from 30-50 years ago and posts the video-Usually prefer half hour complete shows, but a lot of good things we've shown that are of shorter length..

SUNDAY SPECIAL-Ads, photos or short articles concentrating on Sunday programming, which seemed especially early in TV history networks and local stations spent more money on ads for Sunday than on any other day of the week..

Of course, we still post other things randomly on Facebook as we find them..
Parma Place-1966 with Ernie Anderson and Chuck Schodowski

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