Thursday, May 10, 2012

Channel 5 Video Vault:Movie Intros..

James Flanagan, Plain Dealer TV Writer, preview's "Here's Pat O' Brien", an hour special produced by WEWS-TV 5 and aired May 25, 1964 from 7:30-8:30 PM..The promo for this special is part of the WEWS "Video Vault" below.. We've mentioned Tom Livingston's fine work in digging out rare film and video tape from the WEWS-TV 5 Archives over the last year or more..He has outdone himself here in finding two rare movie openings and a promo for a Pat O'Brien special.. 1. Jungle Theater. Though the slate says January 1962, The Plain Dealer archived TV Listings has "Jungle Theater" on between April and August 1963 Saturday afternoons at 5:30. They may have used that title beforehand but it isnt apparent by the listings.. 2. The Friday Night Movie-The Slate says September 13, 1964, but The Movie series began Friday September 18, 1964 from 9-11PM with Doris Day in "Love Me Or Leave Me" (1955).. 3. Here's Pat O' Brien-A promo for a locally produced special with actor Pat O' Brien, Broadcast Monday, May 25, 1964.. WEWS is airing a TV version of "Video Vault" once every 3 months with Livingston and Leon Bibb hosting..Here's the Video Vault webpage..

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