Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Some personal thoughts and updates..

October 1962:Jimmy Dean headlines an hour of songs and comedy, presumably filmed at the WEWS-TV 5 studios in Cleveland. Among the guests are Minnie Pearl, Pee Wee King and teen sensation Andrea Carroll. Landmark Farm Bureau Cooperative had earlier sponsored "Landmark Jamboree" on WEWS Saturday Nights in the 1950's. We can assume also that WTVN-6 Columbus and WCPO-9 Cincinnati also aired the show

May 1954:Ad for something called "Century Foods Exposition" Held In Youngstown in Spring 1954..WFMJ-TV 73 did a lot of remote telecasting from there that week..Included in this ad are rare photos of Marjorie Mariner and Hal Fryar..

1955:Ad for the Red Buttons Show-WNBK/3

1955:WXEL Channel 8's "New Evening Lineup" as of January 1955..Seeing Ohio Story as part of the lineup reminds me how much I'd love to see some episodes of "Ohio Story" sometime..

September 1956:WOR-TV 9 New York City TV Guide ad for Crusader Rabbit and Terrytoons..This is one of the earliest Animnation packages to be released to Television, with Farmer Alfalfa and the Original Black and White Crusader Rabbit Cartoons..Knowing this isnt Cleveland, but feeling the historical aspect is important..

Hello folks:
Just wanted to update folks on where the blog is going, along with thoughts about other classic tv matters..

March 28 was our blog's fourth anniversary..Just about forgotten about it(The anniversary)..I appreciate everybody's support and contributions over the years..Especially those who have been kind enough to send me photos, audio and video material..Has really added to the blog's popularity..I do appreciate it much..

While we're on the subject, if anyone has Video or audio especially of local Cleveland TV (Akron-Canton-Youngstown-Wheeling-Steubenville as well) or even photos they'd be willing to share, particlarly from the 1950's to the early 1970's..Radio airchecks are welcome too, from the 1940's to the early top 40 era..Would be much appreciated. Email me with the contact link at the right..

We've had our Facebook Page for Cleveland Classic Media up for about 15 months now and it has been a blast to do..Thanks for all the response there..

The Classic KYW Facebook Page has been slow going as of late..Not a lot that I have that I havent already shared..

About questions:We've covered before about the rarity of Local TV clips, especially from the 50's and 60's..Stations just didnt think much was important enough to save..When Videotape came in, programs were erased over..General saving of things like newscasts and local shows didnt happen till 1978 or so...When someone writes to ask, "Can you help me find a Mr. Banjo or Barnaby show I was on in 1960?" I hate to say that it would be almost impossible to find because of the above reason..I will try to answer any other question I can..

As far as research, even the internet has limits sometimes..Research I do outside the home involves trips to Akron or Cleveland, which have been limited by time and finances. In saying all that, Please keep emailing me your questions. If I can find a way to answer them, I will..

You may (or may not) have noticed the postings to this blog have slowed down considerably over the months. To do a Major post takes about 2-3 days to do right..To take several hours a day to work on the blog is a bit difficult with work and home considerations. I'll try to post more in the coming weeks here..

More good classic TV News locally..WOIO will add MeTV to one of its digital channels soon..WIVM-52 moved to channel 39 recently and added Tuff TV and will add AMGTV soon along with having RTV..Antenna TV was put on WJW-TV 8.2 in January..

Thank you for all your support and God Bless..

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