Thursday, July 29, 2010

New Link:Tampa's "Big 13"

"Big 13" Logo used by WTVT for a number of years. WTVT has been Fox affiliated since 1994 and Fox owned and operated since 1997..For a time, WTVT and WJW-8 Cleveland were co-owned..from the Gillett/New World days of the mid 1980's till WJW was sold to Local TV, LLC in 2008..

1955-56:From John Carroll Archives through Neil Zurcher's TV Memories Blog..A really nice picture of Captain Penny (Ron Penfound), Uncle Leslie (Linn Sheldon) Texas Jim (Jim Breslin) and Mary Ellen Sussex (Fun Farm)..visiting a little girl in the hospital..Mrs. Sussex moved on to The Tampa, Florida area in 1957..Hosting children's shows on WTVT-13..

Good evening all:
Introducing a brand new link to our readers..An extensive Historical Website for WTVT-13 in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Florida..Created by Mike Clark, who worked at WTVT from 1972-77. Clark has also been instrumental in keeping retired WTVT employees connected with each other through reunions, and helping to save some vintage WTVT Material. The website concentrates on the CBS years from 1955-94, when just as in Cleveland, several longtime Market Icons were on, such as Weatherman Roy Leep, Newsman Hugh Smith, singer Ernie Lee and Children's hostess Mary Ellen Sussex..Mrs. Sussex, a Toledo native began her TV Career at WSPD Toledo in 1952 with a show called "Fun Farm", which moved to WEWS Channel 5 in 1955-56..Mary Ellen hosted various Kid shows on WTVT from 1957-64, where she was a very beloved personality..

Included in the website are some video, Old newsletters and pictures presented in a fun way by Mr. Clark..Well worth checking out..


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