Monday, December 7, 2009

Hollywood Palace-Christmas 1969-Perry Como

TV Guide Listing for Hollywood Palace December 20, 1969

From December 20, 1969:Here is ABC's Hollywood Palace Christmas Show hosted by Perry Como, with Guests Dihann Carroll, Then starring in NBC's Julia, Comedian Shecky Greene, Edward Villella of the New York City Ballet, and Burr Tillstrom with Kukla and Ollie..(Shecky:Who'd you think I thought they were, Huntley and Brinkley?)..This hearkens back to the time of the "Christmas TV Special" when you had beautiful music and sometimes cheesy comedy..but most of us loved it..Perry here is at his easygoing he reacts nicely to the goings on around him and sings some good songs as well..Commercials Included

Hollywood Palace-12/20/69 Part 1

Part 2-Kukla and Ollie, with Shecky Greene

Part 3 Dihann Carroll Sings

Part 4 Shecky Greene sketch, Perry Sings "Christmas Eve"

Part 5-Kukla, Ollie

Part 6 Christmas Medley with Perry Como and Singers

Como mentions here that he'll be back in February with a special sponsored by Sears "On another network that doesnt begin with C"

Quick thanks for all the Birthday greetings from Facebook friends and especially Cliff (WIXYGrad) Feightner for mentioning my birthday in his blog..

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  1. And alas, this was to be the last Christmas "Hollywood Palace"; in less than two months, on Feb. 7, 1970, the program's run came to an end after six years. It did, however, last considerably longer than the program that previously originated from that same theatre (known during this show's run as the ABC Palace Theatre): the very ill-fated two-hour talk/variety series "The Jerry Lewis Show."

    That layout of TV listings in TV Guide (heavy on two weights of Helvetica), B.T.W., was first unveiled in the May 31-June 6, 1969 issue. (Certainly with two editions I have in my collection, New York-Metropolitan and Scranton-Wilkes Barre.) I'd call the 1969-72 variant my favorite (that is, after the change from (C) to (BW) in August 1972, but before they switched from hot-metal Linotype to phototypesetting).