Wednesday, October 21, 2009

WEWS-TV-5 Classics-YouTube-More "Turn Blue" Clips

Hello...A full plate today..
I thought this morning we would feature a couple of videos from my YouTube page with classic WEWS-TV 5 local programs..

Music programming on Channel 5..Featuring Upbeat, The Gene Carroll Show and Polka Varieties..

The Kids' Shows on Channel 5..Captain Penny, Mr. Jingeling and Romper Room (Miss Barbara Plummer). This is by far the most popular video of the ones I've uploaded, with over 13,000 views and 41 comments...

These are taken from the WEWS 50th anniversary program December 17, 1997..Recently retired TV 5 News Anchor Ted Henry is the narrator..

I'd like to at some point find some more to upload soon..Though it does take a lot of time and effort..I will start working on some more as soon as I can..

Two new clips from "Turn Blue" The PBS special about the Ghoulardi Legacy to air next week..

Chuck Schodowski talks about his start in TV..

Outtake:Big Chuck talks about his first skit with Ernie Anderson-"The Batting Coach"
Courtesy Phil Hoffman

Some updates:

My wife and I will be at the Ghoulardifest this Friday Night and all day Saturday ...We'll try to bring pictures and a report next week or in early November..Also, with the holidays coming up,as is our tradition..we will try to find Thankgiving/Christmas TV schedules, ads and video, etc..To feature..Also this year..We have 2 new Christmas TV-Themed books that we will be reviewing..As always, I appreciate all who stop by..Thanks..

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