Friday, June 5, 2009

New Radio History Links:

A friend of mine on, Stanislav, alerted me to a page of what looks to be outstanding Radio (and some TV) History Material..Called Radio's Online Library, David Gleason is endeavoring to reproduce as many of the broadcasting histories, annuals, and directories over the years as possible. Many of these resources have been in public libraries, but are being deleted from the shelves because of space constraints..Some of the content includes:

Broadcasting Magazine
Broadcasting Yearbook
White's Radio Log
Radex (Radio Index)
Jones Log

I've just seen the front page thus far, but it looks like one could spend hours at this site..There are other history links as well..Gleason specializes in Management and Research for US Hispanic Radio and TV

Link:(which will be permanently added to our link list)

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  1. Do you know of any notheastern Ohio libraries which still have all those old Broadcasting Yearbooks, Broadcasting Magazines, Telecasting Yearbooks,etc.? 2 1/2 years ago, after not having been to the Stark County Library for a few years, I found out that they no longer had any of those things available. In looking at the BYs that David Gleason has on-line, i discovered a couple of very corious gems: 1) WJAN was originally to boadcast on channel 29. 2) Before United Artists started channel 43 they had originally applied for channel 31. Do you happen to know what was behind the change in channel numbers in each of these cases?