Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Newsy notes to end the week..

Original (and only) WJAN-TV 17 logo from its days owned by Janson Industries of Canton 1967-77..(Canton Repository Archives-Stark County District Library)

WJAN-TV schedule Ad for Tuesday, May 7, 1968 (Courtesy Canton Repository archives-Stark County District Library)

Good afternoon:
Just thought we'd mention a few miscellaneous items to end the week..
WDLI-TV 17, Licensed to Canton Ohio since January 3, 1967, (WJAN 1967-82) shut down it's analog transmitter in Louisville, Ohio last night at about 11:59 PM, as part of a TBN-Network-wide shutdown of all its full-power analog services, ahead of the FCC June 12 deadline..No fanfare..just a simple announcement, then into more TBN programming at midnight-If anyone puts it on YouTube, we'll gladly share it, but it wasnt much to be honest..

According to Ohio Media Watch through other sources, Multicultural Broadcasting has sold its roster of stations, including WOAC-67 Canton, t0 Radiant Life Ministries, an arm of TCT Network in Marion, Illinois..Operated by Garth Coonce, TCT operates Religious stations in several locations, Including Jamestown, NY (Buffalo) Muskegon, Michigan and Greensboro, NC. It is expected Radiant Life/TCT will turn WOAC into a religious station..

Personal thought:While both full power Canton TV stations will now be religious, I prefer that somewhat to a full time informercial station..

Link to the OMW report:
Speaking of OMW, he has started a "Mini Blog" as it were for reports on the Digital TV transition as it affects TV stations all over Ohio..Should be a good place to watch as June 12 gets closer..
One other note:My wife and I will be busy/out of town Tuesday-Thursday next week (April 21-23)..If I dont put something up before Tuesday, It'll probably next weekend or later before I do another post..


  1. Tim, here at Tri-State Media Watch, we've also launched Tri-State DTV Watch to follow the local transition. It can be found at this link.

  2. I predict in all confidence that there is ZERO chance fo another extension of the DTV switchover date.

  3. Yes! The test pattern is from 70's! Because in early 80's is PM5544 with time and date!

  4. But if this station is not one of the station that broadcasts PM5544. It is maybe after 70s