Monday, September 22, 2008

Ghoulardifest IV-Coming soon!!

As most of the blog's regular readers may notice, I tend to shy away from advertising, or "plugs" as it were except when it relates directly to the blog itself. I've never done ads from Google, etc. I get enjoyment from doing the blog without needing to make money from it.
I am also involved in a number of other message boards/websites, many of which are linked on the left. The biggest involvement In a messageboard I have is as a moderator on the bigchuckandliljohn website..They are dedicated to preserving the Legacy of The Horror-Host tradition at WJW-TV 8..Especially Hoolihan and Big Chuck/Lil John, and of Course, Ghoulardi.

Ron Garsteck' s "Turn Blue Productions" has been involved in putting on "Ghoulardifest" from the first one in 1997.After Ernie Anderson's passing..Other Festivals were held in 1998 and 2007..With the Big Chuck and Lil John Sci-Fi Fest in 1999.

This year's Ghoulardifest will be held October 17-19 at Holiday Inn-Independence, Ohio.

Among the Guests will be:
"Big Chuck" Schodowski
"Lil John" Rinaldi
Bob "Hoolihan" Wells
Dick Goddard
Kevin "Son Of Ghoul" Scarpino
Mike Olszewski-Morning host at WNCX-He will premiere a "Lost Film" of a Cleveland TV Special not seen since 1962.
PD Writer Mark Dawidziak
Jim Syzmanski-Festival MC. He acted in a number of Big Chuck and Lil John Skits.
Tom Feran-Author of new Chuck Schodowski book, which is planned to be debuted at the Festival..

These along with many other guests will be at the Ghoulardifest..There will be large Dealer Tables throughout, as well as film showings..This is shaping up to be the best Ghoulardifest yet..

My wife and I will be there from Friday Night till Saturday afternoon. Will try to share a few pictures and a report here on the blog..

Classic Ghoulardi...

From Hoolihan and Big Chuck..Dueling Accordians..A takeoff on the theme from "Deliverance"..From the early 1970's..


  1. It's really number 5 (or V) since the actual third festival was renamed the Big Chuck and Lil' John Sci-Fi Fest in 1999. This was due to lawyers at WJW afraid someone was going to sue for using the Ghoulardi name. The Ghoul was banned for the same reason. I think the Ghoul was no longer even allowed at the Woolybear Festival because of that!

    It seems somebody was claiming he owned a trademark on Ghoulardi and was threatening to sue. The claim had no basis. But it meant the end of the Ghoulardifest. (Until Big Chuck retired in 2007.)

  2. We are going to be there all weekend helping out with the movie room!1