Friday, November 2, 2007

Barnaby-Opening to his final Show-Friday, March 30, 1990-WUAB/43

Here, courtesy of YouTube poster conanconquer, is the first minute or so of Barnaby's final telecast on WUAB-TV Channel 43 Lorain-Cleveland airing March 30, 1990 at 9AM. Here, Linn Sheldon completed about 42 years on television in the Cleveland area. He hosted dozens of shows, including talk/interview shows, entertainment and kids shows, Movie Hosting duties and in his earliest days, he even read the next days schedule on WEWS-TV 5 in 1948-49. Rogers Jewelers sponsored a 3-day a week record pantomime show by Sheldon, which was said to be the first sponsored show in Cleveland.

For all his talent, and everything he did in Television, he will be always remembered as "Barnaby", children's host for the better part of 33 years on KYW/WKYC-TV 3 and WUAB-43..It was said he could take a prop chest and with no script, "wing" a show when neccessary. He had that kind of talent..

After living in Florida briefly, Linn came back to Cleveland to enjoy his retirement among family and friends. Gray Publishing produced his Memoir, "Barnaby And Me" 1999.

Linn Sheldon passed away at the age of 86 April 23, 2006.

"If anybody calls, tell them Barnaby said hello. Tell them I think that you are the nicest person in the whole world. Just you.."

This is the only known video available of Barnaby on YouTube. Again, thanks to Conanconquer for originally posting it..

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  1. I grew up with the man on screen and I had lunch with him in his retirement.i am pleased that they were the same man.he had so much to do with setting my early personality.he was so nice and he had the best stories and advice. This theme song as perfect for his sweetness and feeling.