Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some random thoughts..

Some thoughts as we complete about six weeks in the "blogosphere":

Continued thanks:
I know perhaps some think I may overdo "thanking" people for reading and responding to the blog. It is truly an honor when anyone takes the time to read, and especially respond to what I write. It is very gratifying to know my writing is enjoyed somewhat. I especially appreciate the nice mentions on Ohio Media Watch and Frank Macek's "Director's Cut" blog recently. It is nice to know that people "in the business" enjoy what I do.

Use of Wikipedia:
I know people mostly, as is wise to do, take Wikipedia entries with a grain of salt. I try to check occasionally who writes the article and confirm its accuracy. This is why I implore folks that think they have a please make a comment in the blog or e-mail me. While this is totally a fun thing for me I do strive for accuracy as much as possible.

Use of photos, etc.
One of the really neat things about the blog is that I have been using my scanner somewhat more to try and incorporate images into the postings. This is something that is taking some time to learn, but is becoming well worth it as it gives a bit more "life" to the posts.

This goes with using Wikipedia. I try to do outside research as much as possible. However, I do not drive so any research has to involve either SARTA (Stark County Bus system-to Akron) or Greyhound (Cleveland or Youngstown). This usually can take half a day and a bit of expense on my part. Getting out is enjoyable but I have to pick my spots as far as days off, etc. To make these trips..

Again, I appreciate all the kind comments. And thanks for reading..Have a great week everyone..

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