Saturday, October 20, 2007

Surprise visitor:Joe Mosbrook

As I have said in the past..This blog has taken off beyond what I have expected. I got a nice e-mail yesterday from retired TV-3 reporter Joe Mosbrook, answering a quuestion I had about a TV Guide ad for Barons NHL Hockey..I did not have a name for the gentleman in question..(play-by-play man)..Joe tells me it was ex-channel 3 weekend sports anchor Dick Hammer. It humbles me when people who are, or who have been in broadcasting, stop by the blog and write kind words..Thank you Joe...


  1. I agree. Very cool. I wish more reporters on the air now would be from the "old school" and do their jobs the way Joe Mosbrook and the late John Herrington did theirs.

    The majority of the reporters here now seem to be more concerned with style over substance...I can probably count on both my hands the number of solid, decent TV reporters in the Cleveland market now.

  2. Tim,

    Just one nice guy communicating with another nice guy.