Thursday, October 18, 2007


Those that visit the site this evening may notice that my second attempt at posting a Dumont Network ID has been deleted. The reason is that the YouTube poster that originally had the video..His account was suspended as of today..The other YouTube poster that had several DuMont ID's that I put on the blog a few weeks ago..He closed his YouTube account just a couple days ago..The connection appers to be they were the only 2 that had DuMont ID's posted..I dont know if anyone is claiming ownership of the DuMont Id's or if this was just a coincidence..Erring on the side of caution, I figured I'd better just delete it here..Sorry for any inconvenience..

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  1. Tim --
    If you go to AOL's home page and do a video search for "dumont network", you'll find multiple clips of Dumont Network identifications. I sent you one several days ago via e-mail but hadn't seen any response. Any of these ought to be link-able to your blog.