Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dorothy throws to Don...With Ted and Jeff

WEWS-TV 5's "Golden Era" of News was the early 1970's to the Mid 1980's with "Eyewitness News. Courtesy of YouTube Poster Superedit, here is a clip of Miss Dorothy Fuldheim "throwing" to Don Webster..with the result that Don loses much of his weathercast time! Also in on the fun..News Anchors Jeff Maynor and Ted Henry.

Many of the "related videos" are Channel 5 Eyewitness News clips featuring Webster, Gib Shanley, Howard Sudberry and others..When news could be "fun"..I believe much of this is from the early 1980's.

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  1. Tim,

    This post has been fun. also includes the "Catch 5" jingle.