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Hello Cleveland:Early WKYC Days

Full Page ad in the Cleveland Press Monday,June 21, 1965 just after WKYC arrived in Cleveland. This ad has been featured in TV 3 anniversary programs..Courtesy Cleveland Press Microfilm archive, Cleveland State University

TV Guide WKYC-TV 3"Early Show" ad from February 1968..TV 3 had movies in the early evening time slot as early as 1959..

Anyone who has read Cleveland Classic Media from the beginning (March 2007) knows I have written a lot about NBC affiliate WNBK/KYW/WKYC-TV, especially detailing "The Swap" of WNBK to Philadelphia (as WRCV)and WPTZ/KYW-AM Westinghouse to Cleveland (As KYW-AM-FM-TV) in 1956 and the subsequent reversal of the swap in June 1965..The "Hello Cleveland" ad above was featured in local newspapers upon NBC's return to Cleveland. Several months ago, a reader wanted to see the full page ad, which was shown partially in WKYC anniversary specials. I found this at CSU, In their Cleveland Press Microfilm Collection, while in Cleveland Monday for other research..I thought also we would feature three random schedules from the early years of WKYC-TV..

WKYC-TV 3-From TV Guide:

Friday, September 10, 1965

6:20 News
6:25 Farm Fare
6:30 Educational Exchange
7AM Today
9AM Woodrow
9:30 Love That Bob!
10AM Truth Of Consequences-COLOR
10:30 What's This Song?-COLOR "Win" Martindale
Kaye Stevens, Gene Pitney guests

11AM Concentration-Hugh Downs
11:30 Jeopardy-COLOR-Art Fleming
Noon News
12:30 Mike Douglas-Corbett Monica Co Host
2PM Moment Of Truth
2:30 Doctors
3PM Another World
3:30 You Dont Say-COLOR-Tom Kennedy
Ruta Lee, John Gavin guests

4PM Match Game-COLOR Gene Rayburn
Whitey Ford, Joe Garagiola guests

4:25 NBC News-Nancy Dickerson
4:30 Phil Silvers
5PM Movie-Phantom From Space-1953
6:30 Huntley/Brinkley
7PM Seventh Hour News-Carl Stern, Bud Dancy, Wally Kinnan, Jim Graner
7:30 International Showtime-Dom Ameche (Camp Runamuck and Hank take over the time slot the following week)

8:30 Bob Hope Chrysler Theater (Convoy premieres at this time the next week)
9:30 Jack Benny-Last Show after 15 years on TV and 33 years on regular radio and TV-He would do specials after this (Mr. Roberts premieres the next week)

10PM Jack Paar-His last show (replaced by the Man From UNCLE)
11PM News-Pat Murray
11:10 Weather-Wally Kinnan
11:15 Sports-Jim Graner
11:20 Merv Griffin (Johnny Carson's Tonight Show would move here November 1, 1965)
12:50 Movie-California Passage-1950
Thursday, December 15, 1966 BW=Black and White
6:20 Farm Fare-BW
6:25 Education Exchange
6:55 What's Doing?
7AM Today
9AM Mike Douglas-BW
10AM Eye Guess-Bill Cullen
10:25 NBC News-Sander Vanocur
10:30 Concentration
11AM Pat Boone-Guest Dennis Day
11:30 Hollywood Squares-Peter Marshall
Noon Jeopardy-Art Fleming
12:30 Swingin' Country-Roy Clark
12:55 NBC News
1PM Three On The Town
1:30 Let's Make A Deal-Monty Hall
2PM Days Of Our Lives
2:30 Doctors
3PM Another World
3:30 You Dont Say-Tom Kennedy
Mel Torme, Keely Smith, guests
4PM Match Game-Gene Rayburn
Vivian Vance, Henry Morgan, guests
4:25 NBC News-Floyd Kalber
4:30 Sea Hunt
5PM Movie-Canyon Passage-1946
6:30 Huntley/Brinkley Report
7PM News-Virgil Dominic,. Wally Kinnan, Jim Graner
7:30 Daniel Boone
8:30 Star Trek
9:30 The Hero
10PM Dean Martin
11PM News-Dominic
11:15 Weather-Kinnan
11:20 Sports-Graner
11:30 Johnny Carson
1AM Star Performance-BW
1:30 What's In it For You?
2AM News-BW
Saturday, September 28, 1968
6:30 Farm Front
7AM Popeye Theater
9AM Super 6
9:30 Top Cat
10AM Flintstones
10:30 Banana Splits
11:30 Underdog
Noon Birdman
12:30 Super President
1PM Panorama-Jack Hicks
1:30 Between The Lines
2PM Baseball-Houston/St. Louis and Washington/Detroit
5PM Campaign and The Candidates
5:30 College Bowl-RETURN-Robert Earle
6PM Montage
6:30 Frank McGee Report
7PM News
7:30 Adam-12
8PM Get Smart
8:30 Ghost and Mrs. Muir
9PM NBC Movie-The Train (1964)-BW
11:45 News
12:05 Movie-Double Feature
1. Once More, With Feeling! (1960)
2. The Old Man And The Sea (1958)

Brief clip on NBC's return to Cleveland..From WKYC's 50th anniversary special..The above ad (Hello Cleveland) is briefly seen..Dick Goddard relates how he came back to Cleveland within months of joining Westinghouse In Philadelphia..

Some more footage of Channel 3's 50th anniversary in 1998..Including a Tribute to the late Jim Graner, Sports anchor at Channel 3 from 1957-75 and radio voice for the Browns..

Comment:Considering the current state of this year's Cleveland Browns, one hopes that eventually the people put in the place to run the Browns show the class and dignity expressed by Mr. Graner in his lifetime covering the team..

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