Monday, May 12, 2008

WNBK To KYW-February, 1956

KYW-TV 3 Station ID Slide...from likely 1957-58.. Special Thanks to Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia for the use of this image from their Archives

From Jerry Immel:KYW-Radio Transcription Disc Label..

TV Guide listing for Feb. 14, 1957..Probably a highlights show.. along with a Newspaper ad for the "Twin Hearts" Ball At Cleveland Arena that same evening..(Courtesy Jerry Immel)

"WBC" Ad touting how perfect KYW and Cleveland would be for each other..From the same TV Guide as the other ad below..

Ad/Article from TV Guide the week of Feb.11, 1956 on the occassion of WNBK's call letter change to KYW-TV. Courtesy Atlanta area voiceover artist Jerry Immel.

Our first posting in a while will highlight the NBC/Westinghouse swap of 1956-WPTZ-TV-AM to Cleveland (adding FM in the process)(with 3,000,000 dollars) and WNBK-AM-TV to Philadelphia(As WRCV). WPTZ had been bought in 1952 by Westinghouse from Philco Corp...To preserve the KYW Call Letters, then on their AM station at 1060 khz..They transferred them to Cleveland as KYW-TV 3, KYW-AM 1100 and KYW-FM 105.7..KYW had been in Chicago from 1921-34 before moving to Philadelphia..below are TV Guide listings:WNBK's final full day In Cleveland... and the first day of KYW-TV.

TV Guide Cleveland Edition
Sunday February 12, 1956

8AM TV Sunday School
8:30 The Christophers
9AM Catholic Hour
9:30 Spirituals
10:30 Youth Wants to Know
11AM American Forum
11:30 Pat Patterson
Noon Tomorrow
12:30 Norman Vincent Peale
12:45 Strange Adventure
1PM Movie-Japanese War Bride
2:30 Movie-In Old Sacramento
4PM Wide Wide World-Dave Garroway
5:30 Captain Gallant
6PM Meet The Press
6:30 Roy Rogers
7PM It's A Great Life-Comedy
7:30 Frontier
8PM Colgate Comedy Hour-Johnathan Winters, Peter Donald, Stan Freberg
9PM Philco/Goodyear TV Playhouee
10PM Loretta Young
10:30 Justice-Syndicated
11PM Movie-Best Of Hollywood-Spitfire

Monday, February 13, 1956


7AM Today
9AM Variety Hour
10AM Ding Dong School
10:30 Ernie Kovacs
11AM Home-Arlene Francis
11:45 KYW-TV-Opening Ceremonies
Noon Tennessee Ernie Show
12:30 Feather Your Nest
1PM Movie-I Love Trouble
2:30 My Little Margie
3PM Matinee Theater
4PM Date With Life
4:15 Modern Romances
4:30 Queen For A Day
5PM Pinky Lee
5:30 Howdy Doody
6PM Ramar Of The Jungle
6:30 Watch the Birdie
6:35 Sports-Tom Manning
6:45 News
7PM My Little Margie
7:30 Tony Martin
7:45 John Cameron Swayze-NBC News
8PM Sid Caesar
9PM Medic
9:30 Robert Montgomery Presents-Gene Rayburn in dramatic role
10:30 Man Behind The Badge-Syndicated
11PM News
11:05 Weather-Joe Finan
11:10 Sports
11:15 Little Theater
11:30 VP Richard Nixon-Lincoln Day Dinner Speech-Special
Midnight-Tonight-Steve Allen


  1. I love seeing KYW memorabilia. It was my favorite station(s) during my favorite area in Cleveland broadcasting history, back when radio was personality-driven and much more fun. Thanks for some more neat memories, Tim!

  2. A few points and questions:
    - I noticed the "WBC" logo, in use by all Westinghouse's stations at the time. They didn't adopt the "Group W" moniker (and accompanying distinctive typeface - all of which I prefer) until 1963. Apparently, the old "WBC" name may've invited confusion with the World Boxing Council.
    - At what point in the 1956-65 period did KYW-TV/AM/FM move from 815 Superior Avenue to 1403 East 6th Street?

  3. KYW moved to its edifice on East 6th Street sometime in 1960, I believe.

  4. Does anyone know the Cleveland radio station owned by a Mr Dennison in 1956?