Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Fresh look..and a new link..

From November 1957..Ad for Tom Haley's Cash On The Line Movie slot..This was actually one of the first changes Westinghouse made when acquiring WNBK/KYW..The movie show began as "Morning Surprise" ..Apparently changing its name to "Cash on the Line" later on..Tom Haley was the longest running air personality at any one station in Cleveland History..Starting at WNBK-4 in 1948 and ending at WKYC-3 in 1997..49 years!

I apologize for the quality of the picture..Sometimes the microfilm goes dark when it prints..But I felt this was too important not to include..

UPDATE: Thanks to a friend of mine from bigchuckandliljohn.com, "Hugo Sleestak" for inverting the picture for me and making it look a bit better..It is much appreciated..

TV Guide Ad for WJW-TV 8's "Noon Report"..Mid-1960's

Good morning..
I would like to introduce everyone to yet another new link..The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia have been around since 1962..An association of current and former Philadelphia Radio and TV Broadcasters banding together to preserve Broadcast History in the Philadelphia area..One of their leaders, Gerry Wilkinson, was kind enough to allow me to use a Vintage KYW-TV slide to illustrate the post below about KYW's early days in Cleveland. Their website is a treasure trove of Vintage audio, video and photis from the History of Broadcasting in what is called "The Delaware Valley"..I have enjoyed their site for years and I'm sure you all will too..

Also..I thought I'd freshen up the blog with a new look..Please let me know if you like it..or not..Besides the cosmetic changes, links are now on the left of the page..Have a great day everyone..

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  1. tim--like the new look--it looks like microfiche!!!!
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