Friday, May 16, 2008

Parma Place-The Muckrakers

Here is a repost of a YouTube video from a few weeks back,,Featuring Chuck Schodowski and Ernie Anderson on the final aired episode of "Parma Place" in 1966. This was done on the WJW-TV 8 "Ghoulardi" show weeks before Anderson headed for Hollywood and his ABC-TV voiceover career..Chuck and Bob "Hoolihan" Wells would take over the Ghoulardi time slot in December, 1966..It was said by some that Hoolihan and Big Chuck lost the "edge" that Ghoulardi had and "played it too safe" in their skits. I contend that the show eventually had to have a different texture or it would never have lasted as long as it did..Thanks to for posting this gem..

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  1. Mr. Day, Mayor of Parma at the time, ordered Ghoulardi to cool it with the jokes on his city. He then replaced the Parma Place spoof with Flash Gordon shows, followed by the featured movie.