Thursday, May 29, 2008

NBA on CBS Intro-1975 Western Conference Final

With the NBA Finals coming up in the next several days, I thought I would indulge in a bit of NBA nostalgia..I've been an NBA fan since the 1968-69 season when I listened to many of the Cincinnati Royals games on WLW-700 in Cincinnati.

When the Cleveland Cavaliers came in the league in 1970-71 I listened to them on the old WCUE-FM 96.5 (Now WAKS)..WERE 1300, the Cavaliers flagship station for the first 2 Cavs seasons..was and is now unable to be heard in Canton..WEWS Channel 5 carried Cavaliers games from 1970-73..

This clip is from the Chicago-Golden State Western Conference Final Game 7 May 14, 1975. Brent Musberger and Oscar Robertson are the announcers..The main attraction of this clip is the intro theme..very catchy..

Lyrics to "NBA on CBS"

Give it all you got,
Take your your very best shot

And may the best team win.

The time is now, the name of the game is action.

They're on the floor,

And they're ready to score,

So let the game begin,

And let's see how the ball's going to bounce today

Welcome to N-B-A

Come on, and join the roar of the crowd"

Here's another classic about,

To come your way...

You'll see the best in basketball

When you watch the N-B-A,

When you watch the N-B-A on C-B-S.

(N-B-A on C-B-S, N-B-A on C-B-S, ... etc. fading out)

When the NBA moved from ABC to CBS after the 1972-73 season it didnt seem right to me..The NBA BELONGED on ABC..Of course, fans got used to the NBA on CBS over time and these days it doesnt matter..

Thanks to jkygogo for originally posting the clip..


  1. That's a classic Vidfont doing the graphics at the beginning of the clip.

  2. I used to love that NBA on CBS opening when I was a kid... Thanks Tim for posting it on your blog.

  3. The announcer mentioning the various advertisers after the theme was Don Robertson, a New York CBS staffer who was already known by this time as "The Voice of CBS Sports." He also did live booth work from time to time for the CBS New York flagship WCBS-TV.