Wednesday, February 23, 2011

More pictures-WEWS from 1967-Latest Video clips

Nice Picture of WEWS Test Pattern

WEWS Newsfilm Can Label

Some Pictures In the Control Room

On the News Set..

Possibly the Paige Palmer Studio..

Setting up for something..Maybe Romper Room?


Here are some behind the scenes pictures from Channel 5, taken by Jerry Immel during his time there..Never got names behind the pictures here, but if he wants to share the names I'll definitely put them up..

Here also, are the latest video clips We made of the rare audio that Jerry shared with us..Great stuff..

Cleveland TV Clips-1950's

Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo..1930's-1950's TV/Radio

Detroit TV/Radio-1950's

KYW Jingles-1956-60

1956 KYW Radio-"Mayer In The Morning" Opening and Closing Jingle (Bill Mayer)

I want to thank everyone for the good comments and responses about these postings..and especially Jerry Immel for making these available to share..


  1. Seeing the behind-the-scenes WEWS photos, I see as of '67 they had RCA TR-70 "television tape recorders" and TK-42/43-class cameras (later replaced with TK-44A/B's) . . . but would anyone know which film chain/slide scanners they had (from the quality of how the slides were reproduced on the air plus their use of RCA equipment, I'm banking on TK-27's)?

  2. Two TK-27 chains. Later a TK-28 chain was added.

  3. Ah, thought that to be the case. Thanks for confirming and clarifying.