Wednesday, March 2, 2011

"Dimension" Cleveland TV History Special-WVIZ--1988

The Classic WVIZ-25 Logo from 1978-From a still of a YouTube video from RobtatSea

Featured in this post will be a YouTube Video-Part of the WVIZ-TV "Dimension" Series of hour long monthly specials. This is from 1988. A History of Cleveland Televison as it was then..40 years in..Hosted by Jack Marschall, who had just weeks/months before this started at WUAB-TV's Ten O Clock News..and Anne Mulligan, who may have been at Channel 8 at this time..Producer was Dennis Goulden, known first at KYW-TV in 1964, then as producer of the long running "Montage" series (1966-84) on WKYC-TV 3..The hour is all too brief, as most shows of this type are. Run in tandem with PBS' "Television" history series (Not "Pioneers Of Television" currently being shown), There are clips galore, though many of them would be reused on later TV station retrospectives..There are a number of "New" Interviews with pioneers and then-current station representatives such as..

Tom Haley, WKYC
Jim Breslin, Don Webster WEWS (Webster was station manager)
Chuck Schodowski, Dick Goddard, Lou Gatozzi WJW
Dennis Thatcher WOIO
Betty Cope, Mike Massa WVIZ
Alice Weston, Gib Shanley WUAB

Also mentioned:WCLQ-61..Which had just recently become WQHS-61, having been purchased by Home Shopping Network..

Interesting look into local TV of the mid-1980's..a few years before HD and digital tv was thought of..


  1. I count myself as being very lucky to work, be friends with or know first hand many of the people mentioned on this program. WVIZ TV 25 was my first stop - initially at Max Hayes High School and later their studios on Brookpark Road. To me it was like being in my most favorite place - the television studio and control room - to be the fly on the wall, to know the ’behind-the-scenes’ story. Lets see, sports reporter Mike Massa was my assistant principle when I attended James Ford Rhodes High School, I was friends with cameraman Harry Dorsey and Dave Branchick who both later went on to WEWS TV 5. Dave later became ’Dave Baron - Eye-In-The-Sky’ and we worked together later when I was in news at WERE NewsRadio 1300 and briefly worked at his flight business, Baron Aviation at Lost Nations Airport. I worked with Linn Sheldon also at WERE NewsTalk 1300 when he did an afternoon talk show - even fixed him up with a lunch date with a female reporter at her request. I sometimes had brown bag lunches with Dorothy Fuldheim in her office next to the reception area - Dorothy preferred brown bagging it rather than going into restaurants rather than be bugged by others when she wanted to eat - still, she liked to have someone join her for lunch from time-to-time. Rubbed elbows with John Hambrick, Dave Patterson, Gib Shanley and Don Webster. I also worked with Liz Richards when she left WEWS TV 5 Morning Exchange where she did a talk show. One time she approached me at the station Christmas Party and asked what kind of car she should buy. I suggested a Mercedes Benz given her stature. The following week, she approached me and asked me to pick up some brochures for her at Kopke Motors in Lakewood. She bought a Benz. A week later, her late husband Gary Dee stormed into the newsroom and read me the riot act for talking Liz into buying a Benz - he was stuck driving an Ed Mullinax Ford LTD - he didn’t like to be ’one-upped’ by Liz. And yep, I worked with Casey Coleman in helping him put together his sportscasts, I‘d cart the actualities for him. Lots of memories - and I loved every minute of it. - Andrew Boggs, BA -

  2. It's surprising that no one bothered to contact Alan DePetro, John Herrington, Ron Swede, or John Slowey about WKBF. All were still around when this program was made and could have provided information about WKBF and Kaiser Broadcasting.

    The information about WCLQ and Channel 61 in general was not entirely correct.