Friday, February 18, 2011

WEWS-TV behind the scenes, 1966-67

Small portion of 11PM News Copy..

In today's post I want to share some of the logs and inside info relating to WEWS-TV in the 1966-67 period..This is when our friend Jerry Immel worked as a summer announcer, doing vacation fill-ins and the is shown below..I think this is a fascinating look behind the scenes of Local TV in the 60's

Beginning of the log sheet (script?) for Upbeat for September 16, 1967..They always seemed to have a full show..

Program sign-on log for Monday September 5, 1966..Notice the very minute detail of what goes on..

Here's the WEWS Schedule for that date: (Elyria Chronicle-Telegram)
8:25 News
8:30 Donna Reed
9 Where The Action Is
9:30 Romper Room
10 Paige Palmer
10:30 Father Knows Best
11 Supermarket Sweep
11:30 Dating Game
Noon News, Captain Penny
1 Ben Casey
2 Newlywed Game
2:30 A Time For Us
3 General Hospital
3:30 Nurses
4 Dark Shadows
4:30 Comedy Clubhouse
5 Woody Woodpecker
5:30 Merv Griffin
6:30 Danger
7 News, Weather, Dorothy Fuldheim
7:30 12:00 High
8:30 Jesse James
9 Man Called Shenandoah
9:30 Peyton Place
10 Big Valley
11 News-Tom Field
11:25 Movie-The Next Voice You Hear
1 News

Above is the WEWS announcer shift schedule for August 19-26, 1967. Aside from Jerry Immel, the announcers were Bill Prentice, Court Stanton and Don Webster..Webster, of course, was also doing duty on Upbeat, and possibly doing weather reports..Stanton and Prentice in the past had done sign-on/sign-off news bulletins as well..Randy Culver was on Vacation that week..

I have two other sets of clips..One with Various KYW-AM-FM program opens, sign-offs etc..and a number of Detroit area audio clips..Need to make them first, but will have them up as soon as possible..Also some channel 5 pictures, though I am not sure who most of the folks are...

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