Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Some Cool, Classic Photos..

Been working and trying to keep warm over the last week..

I occasionally get emails and comments from readers..Just about all kind words for the blog, which I appreciate..Sometimes emails will include Interesting Broadcast related pictures and audio. Ed Thomas, an amateur radio operator from North Canton, was good enough to e-mail me some pictures from his archive..I thought it would be cool to share these pictures today..

An early City Camera Ad..I would guess from 1967-70..Pictured Left to Right:Doug Adair, Dick Goddard and Marty Ross

Probably from the 1970's..WAKR-TV's Dick Russ making a "graceful" exit from the News Set..Wondering who the Lady is stting next to him?..Carol Costello perhaps? Dick Russ has been at WJW-8, then WKYC-3 for many years..

Edit:Ed Thomas tells me the young lady seated with Dick Russ is Debbie Cutter.

Also from Channel 23-1970's..Mark Williamson preparing to go on..Obviously during the Christmas Season..Williamson now works for the City of Akron

Also from 23..Weatherman Jack Ryan..Was a warm day in NE Ohio, judging from the temps..

This appears to be a bumper sticker for the old WOIO-AM Radio 1060 in Canton..From the early 1970's..Probably not long after they dumped talk for music..As A teenasger, I listened to WOIO-AM during it's "Two-Way Radio" talk days. (1969-72) I still remember the call in phone numbers! After many years as WQIO and "adult radio" WRCW it is now Catholic WILB..They should have kept the WOIO calls..One of the best around..Of course, WOIO is now TV Channel 19 in Cleveland..

Thanks again to Ed Thomas for sharing these photos..If anyone else has anything they think might be of interest, please let me know..


  1. That City Camera News ad could've been from about 1968, judging from: a) the hairstyles, Doug Adair's hair color, necktie and jacket lapel width (or lack thereof), and b) the absence of Joel Daly, who by this time had gone off to Chicago to anchor at what would soon be WLS-TV.

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  3. As we just celebrated the 40th anniversary of Woodstock I was inspired to do a search for WOIO 1060 in 1969 and found this page. Me and my best friend/bandmate Jeff were 17 that summer and were about to start our senior year of HS at Ellet High in Akron. At that time "undereground" music was hard to find on the radio and we were both loyal followers of a show that featured music by "heavy" bands like Cream, Pink Floyd, Spooky Tooth, Frijid Pink, Iron Butterfly etc. The show came on weekdays at about 5 or 6 pm until dark when the station had to sign off due to FCC regulations. I think the show was titled "DICO" (pronounced dee-ko) which as I recalled the host said meant "I talk" in latin.
    Anyway, the station sponsored a "rock festival" a la Woodstock which was held at a campground somewhere in Carrol County. The bands that played were pretty bad, but we had fun hanging out with them. I remember 2 bands, one called "Johnson City Underground Developement" and the other, much better band was called "Surface to Air Duck" and I still remember their guitar players name was Dale Crow, and that they were from Cuyahoga Falls. A group of us broke into a storage garage and swiped a few cases of beer and got stupid drunk, even went out into a field and actually punched cows.
    I think it was the same weekend as Woodstock as it was the agreed upon "substitute" our parents would allow, as they absolutely refused to let us hitch hike to New York for the real deal.

  4. Roland:
    Boys will be boys eh?..interesting story to say the least..Gives a new meaning to the word "Cowpuncher"

    You and other readers might be interested in knowing that Ed Thomas, who gave us the WOIO-1060 bumper sticker, just emailed me some vintage photos from The old WINW-1520 (Win-Wonderful) in their early days, plus an old WFAH 1310/92.5 coverage map..Along with a very good looking WAKR-23 logo from the 1970's or 80's..I'll be putting them up soon..

  5. Also, when I was playing around with some file sharing programs a few years ago, someone had some 1970 or so WOIO airchecks, including a Saturday Teen program with a couple of episodes of "Chickenman" on it..Id love to get those on a disc..