Saturday, January 10, 2009

DuMont TV History site returns..

1952 WDTV-Channel 2 Logo..DuMont Owned and Operated Station in Pittsburgh..Courtesy Clarke Ingram
1953 TV Guide Ad for WXEL-Now on Channel 8 in Clevleand-One of the Strongest DuMont affiliates nationwide.

Just a note to announce that Clarke Ingram's DuMont Television Network History site, which has been down since late last year due to the folding of AOL Hometown, has returned. A bit more modern looking and colorful than the old site, The site is the oldest and best source on the history and programs of the DuMont Network..Which aired in the US from 1946-56, and with WTTG-5 Washington and WNEW (WNYW)-5 New York, formed the basis of the current Fox Network beginning in 1986..Here is the new site address..

Of course, the site will be returning to our links as well..Thanks to Jason Toyger of and Cleveland Classic Media Reader Rich Emery of Hamilton, Ohio for the heads-up..


  1. Welcome back, Mr. Ingram! It's truly great to see your unique DuMont historical website return, after being "lost" due to AOL's continuing implosion.

    The only thing that appears to be missing from the new site is the old link to an external webpage explaining "whatever happened to Channel 1?" in the early history of television broadcasting. On the plus side, scanned images which headed up a couple of chapters, but wouldn't display properly for years on AOL, are now visible again.

    I've tried for several years to generate interest in the Dayton and Cincinnati area for our TV/radio journalists to write something -- ANYTHING -- about DuMont's history. Those who were part of TV broadcasting then, or even remember that DuMont existed, are rapidly passing away. Soon these first-hand memories will be gone forever, and it will be too late.

    Since many pioneering TV stations are celebrating 60th anniversaries during 2009, wouldn't it be the perfect time for deep reflection on the history of network broadcasting, including not only CBS, NBC and ABC -- but DuMont too, since they were the 2nd network, behind only NBC? Here's a request to all our great Ohio newspapers -- Cleveland Plain Dealer, Akron Beacon Journal, Columbus Dispatch, Toledo Blade, Dayton Daily News and Cincinnati Enquirer -- please write some in-depth stories on TV broadcasting from 1949 to now, and include something about DuMont, one of the real pioneers!

  2. There is the possibility that Fox has some kind of ancestry in DuMont. Channel 5 in New York was DuMont's key station, and is now a Fox owned and operated station. The route went as follows: DuMont sold the majority of its broadcasting interests to Metromedia, which was later bought out by 20th Century Fox.

  3. This is a New York question regarding DuMont. In what New York Wanamaker Store were the DuMont television studios (for instance, where Captain Video came from)? Were they in Wanamaker's old store (9th/10th Sts) or in the new Annex (8th/9th Sts).

    If anybody knows, please come forth.