Monday, December 1, 2008

WJW-TV 1976-77 "City Camera" clips-Also Franz The Toymaker

From TV Guide August 18, 1966..An ad for the "Hoolihan the Weatherman" (Bob Wells) Noon Weather on WJW City Camera News..After he had been moved to Noon and weekend weather following the hiring of Dick Goddard at WJW-TV in March 1966..Also..This is an early use of the famed "ei8ht" logo which would be used from 1966-April 22, 1977-At the time of the WJW Call letter change to WJKW..It would be revived in a slightly different form in 1996 (without the CBS logo) in the "ei8ht is News" era..

Good morning:
Today Id thouight we'd share some of the oldest clips in the Ray Glasser (Videoholic)
Collection currently on YouTube..From the late "City Camera" era at WJW-TV "television 8" personalities include Jim Hale, Jeff Maynor, Murray Stewart, Hoolihan, Howard Hoffman,Jan Jones, Dick Goddard, Jim Mueller, and even Franz The Toymaker!

Franz the Toymaker from late 1960's-Early 1970's..Includes commercials and Channel 8 id..From Cleveland Memory Grenade

Part 2 of the "Franz" show above..

Some brief graphics from the 1976 era...sign-on, Intros to "CBS Evening News" and "Nite Movie"

1976 City Camera News Open:Jim Hale, Jeff Maynor, Dick Goddard, Jim Mueller

Also summer 1976:Howard Hoffman Noon Weather..Notice the ancient dials..

April 22, 1977:Also featured a while back:The changeover to WJKW-TV 8..The beginning of the "TV8" graphic which would be used for about 20 years,,While they were still "City Camera" by fall 1977 the "NewsCenter8" era would begin..

Again, thanks to Ray Glasser and Cleveland Memory Grenade for uploading these..


  1. Great video that giant chroma key wall!

  2. Ah, so the color test pattern WJW used (as on the third clip of various odds and ends) would've dated back to 1966, eh? Many thanks for the dating of the "ei8ht" logo.