Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Wilson-WCIX Miami-1978

TV Guide Ad for the "Big" Wilson Movie..weekdays at 1:00PM on the "Big, Bright" KYW-TV 3-From 1960

I've mentioned many times in the past about "Big" Wilson, who worked at KYW-TV and Radio from roughly 1956-61. He was a busy fellow, doing a radio show in the morning, hosting a movie show on tv in the afternoon, and doing a weather forecast in the evening. He later spent many years in Miami, doing TV movie hosting on WCIX-TV 6..

Here from Videoholic, is several minutes of Big Wilson hosting "Nite Owl Theater" on Miami's Channel 6..along with some commercials..Wondering if anyone would know if he did his KYW-TV hosting in this way..sitting at a piano and just conversing..It would be absolutely amazing to say the least if anything like this was saved anywhere from his Cleveland days..


  1. In-between KYW Cleveland and WCIX (now WFOR/Ch. 4), Big Wilson was a radio personality on WNBC (660 AM) in New York, as well as one of the final hosts (along with John Bartholomew Tucker) of "Monitor" at the time the show reached its end in 1975. I don't remember Mr. Wilson hosting any shows, movie or otherwise, on WNBC-TV or any other New York TV station.

  2. Big Wilson played his piano and made off the wall remarks on his morning radio program. On the TV side in Cleveland, he first hosted "The Six O'Clock Adventure" and then "The Early Show", both early evening movie programs at KYW. I thought Big was in Philadelphia before coming with KYW and Westinghouse to Cleveland in 1956.