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October 1965-Changes on the Horizon..

Here is a listing for a somewhat unusual special..A chance for Ernie to shine outside the "Ghoulardi" persona..The Skits on this special have been shown for years on the Hoolihan and Big Chuck/Big Chuck and Lil John Show..

Ad for the Locally programmed "Friday Night Movie" on WEWS Channel 5

Ad for an early evening showing of the syndicated "Sea Hunt" on WAKR-TV 49

Ad for "3 On The Town"..In its first incarnation..As we mentioned in a series last year on this program, This show lasted 3 years and went through so many changes it seemingly couldnt build an audience..

There was a Monday Night Movie on Channel 8..What was unusual about it was the movie would run an hour, then break for 20 minutes of news at 11, then continue the movie to its conclusion

October 1965 ad for Wally Kinnan, newly arrived from Philadelphia to become TV 3's main weather forecaster..Recently I did a profile on Kinnan here on the blog..

Today we'll take an in depth look at October, 1965..specifically the 23rd-29th of October..The major News Story was the Gemini 6 Manned spaceflight..All the networks covered the event thouroughly on their news programs..

Other Highights of the week:

Saturday, October 23..

8AM WJW-8-Franz the Toymaker was doing a Saturday Hour-Long version of his daily 9AM program

5PM WJW-8-Ghoulardi-The Fury of Hercules (Italian-French 1961)

6PM WKYC-3 Debut of Montage, Emmy-winning profile series

7PM WKYC-3 Jerry G (Bishop) and Company-Jerry Van Dyke, Singer Barbara Lewis, the Barbarians and Cannibal and the Headhunters

7PM WJW-8-Ernie Anderson Special-Described above

11:45 WEWS-5 Johnny Carson Rerun-Don Rickles, Godfrey Cambridge, Marie Wilson and Frankie Randall..

Sunday, October 24..Weekend News Crews:

WKYC-3 (Color) Carl Stern Saturday, Bud Dancy Sunday..Weather Ken Goodman Sports Gib Shanley

WEWS-5 Ted Wygant, Weather Court Stanton Sports Don Calo and Gordon Cobbledick

WJW-8-(Color) Martin Ross Saturday Frank Leslie Sunday Weather-Saturday Howard Hoffman/Sunday Hoolihan Sports John Fitzgerald

Monday October 25

11AM-WEWS-5 Alan Douglas

Noon-WJW 8 News Martin Ross, Harry Jones, Hoolihan

Tuesday, October 26
6:30 WEWS-5 High School Football Highlights

9PM WVIZ-25 Big Picture-Army program that had been shown as filler on many a tv schedule over the years

9:30- WJW-8 Conversation-Martin Ross-Public Affairs Show in Prime Time-Discussion of the Mayor's Race with Incumbent Ralph Locher, Carl Stokes, Ralph Perk and Ralph McAllister.

Wednesday, October 27

4:30-WKYC-3 Woodrow-With the recent Ownership Change to NBC, Linn Sheldon cut back "Barnaby" to weekends, leaving the 4:30 spot weekdays for Clay Conroy's Woodrow the Woodsman.

Thursday, October 28

4PM WKYC-3 Match Game-Gene Rayburn welcomes Edgar Bergen and a young Candace Bergen as panelists..

Friday, October 29

1:30 WJW-8 PDQ-Game Show-would move to Channel 3 at 4:30 PM later in the Fall/Winter

7:30 WEWS-5 Flintstones-"Fred and Barney stumble upon a Time Capsule occupied by a tiny green man"..Possibly the first appearance of the "Great Gazoo"..Voiced by Harvey Korman

10:30 WAKR-49 High School Football-Akron Buchtel/Barberton

Weeknight News Crews-

WKYC-3 News-Pat Murray Weather Wally Kinnan Sports Jim Graner
WEWS-5 7PM Bill Jorgensen and Dorothy Fuldheim

11PM News Tom Field Sports Paul Wilcox Dorothy Fuldheim commentary

WJW-8 News Doug Adair, Joel Daly Weather Hoolihan Sports Ken Coleman (6) John Fitzgerald (11)

TV Guide Listings

Sunday, October 24, 1965


6:55 News
7AM Let's Discuss It
7:30 Farm Front-COLOR
8AM Home And Garden
8:30 First Look-COLOR
9AM All God's Children
9:30 Barnwood Playhouse-Barnaby/Woodrow
11AM Whirlybirds
11:30 Report To The People
Noon The Catholic Hour
12:30 Dialogues Of Faith
1PM Mett The Press
1:30 Open Circuit-COLOR
2PM AFL Football-Denver at Buffalo-COLOR
5PM Wild Kingdom-COLOR-Marlin Perkins
5:30 College Bowl-Robert Earle-COLOR
6PM Frank McGee Report-COLOR
6:30 Bell Telephone Hour-COLOR
7:30 Disney's World-COLOR
8:30 Branded-COLOR
9PM Bonanza-COLOR
10PM Wackiest Ship In The Army-COLOR
11PM News-Bud Dancy-COLOR
11:10 Weather-Ken Goodman-COLOR
11:15 Sports-Gib Shanley-COLOR
11:20 Movie-One Desire-1955-COLOR
1:25 Educational Exchange
1:55 News


7:45 Christopher Program
8AM Cartoon Fun
8:30 Vital Faith
9AM TV Gospel Time
9:30 Bullwinkle
10AM Astroboy
10:30 Beany and Cecil-COLOR
11AM Movie-Nighttime in Nevada-1948
Noon Gene Carroll
1PM Polka Varities
2PM Championship Bowling
3PM Wide World Of Sports
4:30 Jimmy Dean(ABC Thursday 10PM)
5:30 Dobie Gillis
6PM Cheyenne
7PM Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea-COLOR
9PM ABC Sunday Night Movie-A Farewell To Arms-1958 COLOR
11:45 News-Ted Wygant
11:50 Weather-Court Stanton
11:55 Sports-Don Calo
Midnight Gordon Cobbledick-Probably Sports Commentary-Cobbledick was the recently retired Cleveland Plain Dealer Sports Editor..
12:05 TV Bowl Tournament
1:05 News


7AM This Is The Life
7:30 Faith For Today
8AM Mass for Shut-Ins
8:30 Moral View
9AM Rex Humbard
10AM Lamp Unto My Feet
10:30 Cleveland Caucus
11AM Laurel and Hardy
11:30 Movie-Apache Woman-1955
1PM Best Of The Browns
1:15 NFL Football-Cleveland Browns at New York Giants
4:30 Movie-Siren Of Bagdad-1953-COLOR
5:55 City Camera News-COLOR
6PM Twentieth Century-Walter Cronkite
6:30 Stingray-COLOR
7PM Lassie-COLOR
7:30 My Favorite Martian-COLOR
8PM Ed Sullivan-COLOR
9PM Perry Mason
10PM Candid Camera
10:30 What's My Line?
11PM News-Frank Leslie
11:10 Sports-John Fitzgerald
11:15 Weather-Bob Wells (Hoolihan)-COLOR
11:20 Movie-The Great Lover-1949
1AM Movie-The Way Of All Flesh 1940


6PM What's New
6:30 Classical Civilization
7PM Intertel-SPECIAL
8PM Creative Person-Rudolf Bing
8:30 Dateline-United Nations-Jim Fleming
9PM Festival Orchestra
10PM Sign-Off

WAKR-49 ABC Akron

9:44 News
9:45 Council Of Churches
10:15 Univ. Of Akron
10:30 Beany and Cecil-COLOR
11AM Bullwinkle-COLOR
11:30 Discovery '65
Noon Championship Bowling
1PM TV Bowl Tournament
2PM Gospel Singers
2:30 Range Rider
3PM Wide World Of Sports
4:30 Cartoon Fun-COLOR
5PM Annie Oakley
5:30 Amateur Hour-Ted Mack-CBS (unusual, as Channel 49 rearely carried another network's shows)
6PM Civic Forum
6:30 Meet The Candidates
7PM Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea-COLOR
9PM ABC Sunday Night Movie-A Farewell To Arms-1958 COLOR
11:45 ABC News
Midnight Local News
12:05 Great Moments in Music
12:20 Rev. Elvin Brown
1AM Living Word

Thursday, October 28, 1965


6:20 News
6:25 Farm Fare
6:30 Educational Exchange
7:25 What's Doing-Linn Sheldon
7:30 Today Continues
9AM Mike Douglas
10AM Fractured Phrases-COLOR
10:30 Concentration
11AM Morning Star-COLOR
11:30 Paradise Bay-COLOR
Noon Jeopardy-Art Fleming-COLOR
12:30 Let's Play Post Office-COLOR
1PM Three On The Town-COLOR
1:30 Let's Make a Deal-Monty Hall-COLOR
2PM Moment Of Truth
2:30 Doctors
3PM Another World
3:30 You Don't Say-Tom Kennedy-COLOR
4PM Match Game-Gene Rayburn-COLOR
4:30 Woodrow-COLOR
5PM Movie-The Girl Most Likely-1957-COLOR
6:30 Huntley Brinkley
7:30 Daniel Boone-COLOR
8:30 Laredo-COLOR
9:30 Mona McCluskey-COLOR
10PM Dean Martin-COLOR
11PM News-Pat Murray-COLOR
11:15 Weather-Wally Kinnan-COLOR
11:20 Sports-Jim Graner-COLOR
11:30 Movie-Backfire-1950
1:20 Playhouse-Drama Anthology Reruns
1:50 Educational Exchange
2:20 News


8:40 News
8:45 Telecourse
9:15 Board Of Education
9:30 Romper Room-Miss Barbara
10AM Paige Palmer
10:30 Junior Clubhouse
11AM Alan Douglas
11:30 Young Marrieds
Noon News
12:15 Noon Show-Captain Penny (Ron Penfound)
1PM Ben Casey
2PM Nurses
2:30 A Time For Us
2:55 ABC News-Marlene Sanders
3PM General Hospital
3:30 Merv Griffin
4:30 Where The Action Is
5PM Comedy Clubhouse-Captain Penny-COLOR
6:15 ABC News-Peter Jennings
6:30 Huckleberry Hound-COLOR
7PM News-Bill Jorgensen
7:15 Dorothy Fuldheim
7:30 Shindig
8PM Donna Reed
8:30 OK Crackerby-COLOR
9PM Bewitched
9:30 Peyton Place
10PM Long Hot Summer
11PM News-Tom Field
11:10 Sports-Paul Wilcox
11;20 Dorothy Fuldheim
11:30 Johnny Carson-COLOR
1AM News


6:40 News
6:45 Sunrise Semester
7:15 Rex Humbard
7:30 CBS News-Mike Wallace
8AM Captain Kangaroo
9AM Franz The Toymaker-COLOR
9:55 News-Howard Hoffman
10AM As The World Turns
10:30 McCoys
11AM Andy Griffith
11:30 Dick Van Dyke
Noon News-Martin Ross, Harry Jones, Hoolihan
12:30 Search For Tomorrow
12:45 Guiding Light
1PM Love Of Life
1:25 CBS News-Mike Wallace
1:30 PDQ-Dennis James-COLOR
2PM Password
2:30 House Party
3PM To Tell The Truth
3:25 City Camera News-COLOR
3:30 Edge Of Night
4PM Secret Storm
4:30 Leave It To Beaver
5PM Adventure Road-Jim Doney-COLOR
6PM City Camera News-Doug Adair, Joel Daly, Ken Coleman, Hoolihan
6:30 CBS News-Walter Cronkite
7PM Zorro
7:30 Munsters
8PM Gilligan's Island-COLOR
8:30 My Three Sons-COLOR
9PM CBS Thursday Night Movie-Mary, Mary-1963-COLOR
11:15 News-Adair, Daly
11:25 Sports-John Fitzgerald
11:30 Weather-Hoolihan-COLOR
11:35 Movie-Sealed Verdict-1948
1:05 Movie-Valiant is the Word for Carrie-1936 Trivia-The Three Stooges played on this movie title in "Violent Is the Word for Curly" a 1938 Columbia Short..


9:15 Social Studies 3-4
9:35 Literature 4-5
10:35 Social Studies 5-6
11AM Music 4-6

12:30 Previews for Teachers-Science 3-4
12:45 Previews for Teachers Language Arts 3-4

1:50 Music K-2
2:10 Science 3-4
2:50 Math 6-7

6PM What's New
6:30 Classical Civilization
7PM Managers in Action
7:30 Nasa
8PM Conversations
8:30 Legacy-DEBUT
9PM French Chef
9:30 Heritage
10PM Sign-Off

All Channel 25 programs were Black and White-Gaps in the programming seem to indicate the station was off the air between classroom shows

WAKR-49 ABC Akron

10:20 News
10:30 Ed Allen
11AM Young Set
Noon Donna Reed
12:30 Father Knows Best
1PM Ben Casey
2PM Nurses
2:30 A Time For Us
2:55 ABC News-Marlene Sanders
3PM General Hospital
3:30 Young Marrieds
4PM Never Too Young
4:30 Where The Action Is
5PM Cisco Kid
5:30 Professor Jack
6PM ABC News-Peter Jennings
6:15 Sea Hunt
6:45 High School Preview
6:55 Sports, News, Weather
7:15 Women's Page-Ann Thomas-Moore
7:30 Shindig
8PM Donna Reed
8:30 OK Crackerby-COLOR
9PM Bewitched
9:30 Peyton Place
10PM Long Hot Summer
11PM News
11:20 Nightlife-Les Crane
1AM News

Commentary:TV as always was changing..WKYC was setling into its NBC ownership..Virgil Dominic would become main News Anchor in a few weeks..Channel 5, outside of Dorothy Fuldheim, seemed to not fully commit to news, although they had some good personnel..City Camera was in full swing at Channel 8..Color TV was making inroads locally as evidenced by the amount of hours of Color by each station in the 2 days indicated...

Channel 3-25 hrs. 50 min.

Channel 5-8hrs. 45 min.

Channel 8-11 hrs. 55 min.

Channel 25-None

Channel 49-6 hrs. 15 min.


  1. President Obama

    Forty years ago in 1967 Carl B. Stokes was elected the first black Mayor of a major American city. I was the operations manager of that campaign along with my partner Geraldine Willliams. In 1965, Stokes had run and almost won in a city that was 70% white and 30% black. In 1965 he had come so close to winning that there was a recount. His victory in 67 was hailed as one the greatest moments in the civil rights struggle and also a triumph of the brotherhood of man. Partially, yes----partially, no. In the 1965 campaign there were practically no white votes for Stokes. In 67 there was only 15%. Not exactly a triumph for the brotherhood of man.! In fact, in 1965 I was his “white” aide and traveling companion to show not only the white community, but also just as importantly the black community that he had white support. Many in the black community said “it’s not time”---he’s not ready---will he win and bring disgrace to the community---will he be killed by the racists” Do these same sentiments sound familiar in 2007?
    Also, in 1965 he was up against a potent political machine, one that regularly ”bought off” members of the black community. There were city councilman and black pastors all of whom had ties to the white establishment. Sound familiar in 2007?
    In both 1965 and 1967 it was the black community that turned out in large numbers and then voted 97% for Stokes. He still lost in 1965 because the councilman and pastors disaffected some of the black vote but it was so close that in 1967 and with the blessing of the establishment he won----but by a very small margin. Again, it was the black turnout and overwhelming percentage of vote in his favor that carried the day.
    How does Barack Obama’s campaign of 2007 differ from those two campaigns of long ago? He is running against the establishment (the Clinton machine) and there are black ”leaders” that are staying with the establishment. Polls are showing that many in the black community are saying the same things that they said in 1965-----it’s not time---he’s not ready---he will be killed if he is elected. Are these sentiments carried down through time going to defeat him in 2007?
    Here is the reason that the campaigns are not alike. The white support for Obama is huge compared to the white support for Stokes forty years ago. Who would have dreamed then that a black man running for the President of the United States could garner such white support, attract such crowds, and be so close to winning. When I see campaign crowds, I see a sea of white faces cheering him and I see a much different time than that of 1965 & 1967.
    Following is an example from the 1965 campaign. It shows how extraordinary the idea of a black mayor (there are now hundreds) was to the black community at that time.
    The last weekend before the election we had a parade through the streets of the East Side of Cleveland. It wasn’t much of a parade, as parades go, a handful of cars with balloons and banners on the them, horns honking, people waving, and Carl and is wife sitting on the back of the last car. I was in the front seat. As the caravan pulled past the corner, there was a small boy about ten or eleven standing in the middle of a group of children. The cars had been going past honking with signs “Stokes for Mayor” on the sides. As the car with Stokes sitting on the back came to the corner the boy stood straight up, his eyes widened at the sight of Carl and he cried out, “HE’S COLORED.” He started to clap his hands and jump up and down. “HE’S COLORED, HE’S COLORED,” he cried out to no one in particular. “HE’S COLORED, HE’S COLORED” and he started to skip down the street after the car. I looked back as the cars picked up speed and left the little boy in the distance. He was still running and clapping his hands. I turned around to Carl and caught a very different expression on his face, part smile and part a distant look in his eyes. “I think it’s all been worthwhile,” I said. A quick but soft-spoken reply, “Yes, I think you’re right.” That’s how it was back then. A little boy thought, “this couldn’t be-----his parents and grandparents thought---could this possibly be? And a city and a nation wondered if history was in the making.
    I sometimes wonder where that little boy is now, forty years later. What about his children and grandchildren? Does he remember how he felt that day? Does he remember the wonderment of seeing a black man siting on the top of a convertible, his skipping down the street in that wonderment of a black man striving for the impossible? How do his children and grandchildren feel today? Will they participate in today’s “impossible dream”?
    Now, forty years later I see the crowds, more white than black, cheering a man of color. Now, forty years later, I see polls showing that this man of color could likely be the next President of the United States. I see now, forty years later, that dreams do come true-------and a little boy of so long ago could still clap, skip down the street and cry out----“He’s colored—He’s colored---- he’s colored”.
    Will the black community support Obama as we Irish Catholics did for John Kennedy in 1960, as the Mormons will do for Mitt Romney this year, as every ethnic group has done for their history making candidates since the country began. It is the black vote that can insure victory for Barack Obama. This is the year. This is the time. This is history in the making.

    The face of The United States of America is about to change.

    B.Kenneth McGee, Author
    Eyes Shut Tight

  2. Somewhere down the road, Three On The Town's hosting situation was revamped. Replacing the people you mentioned in hosting the show were Mark Russell, Linn Sheldon, and somebody else. Eventually, Three on the Town was replaced by Our Man Mark (Mr. Russell hosted the show by himself) which lasted a short time.

  3. Historical FYI: The Gemini 6 space mission did not take place the week of October 25th, 1965 as intended.

    The capsule was supposed to rendevous and dock in orbit wioth an Agena target rocket.

    However, the Agena target rocket exploded moments after separating from it's Atlas booster rocket.

    The Gemini 6 capsule, with Wally Schirra and Tom Stafford, was supposed to be launched a little more than 90 minutes after the Agena. The Gemini launch was postponed.

    Thus, extensive coverage the networks had planned for the mission had to be "out on hold" until Gemini 6 could finally be launched.

    FYI: Gemini 6 finally took off on December 15th, and rendezvoused with another manned capsule, Gemini 7 (on board: Frank Borman and Jim Lovell), which had been launched on December 4th. There was no docking because two Gemini capsules could not dock with each other.

  4. I know that Channel 3 had afternoon movies dating from Westinghouse/KYW days, but I have to ask: Did NBC take the "Movie 3" title (as used in Philadelphia during their ownership of what they called WRCV-TV) with them to Cleveland?

  5. wbhist:
    As you noted, KYW/WKYC had late afternoon movies for many years..from about 1959-1970 or so, starting at 5, 5:05, 5:30 or finally at 4:30 PM once Barnaby's weekday show was canceled.As far as I remember, the name of the movie was always "The Early Show"