Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Channel 3 in Cleveland-60 years old in 2008.

On October 31, 2008 WKYC-TV Channel 3 will celebrate their 60th anniversary on the air. While I would hope personally that Gannett would be planning an appropriate celebration, I'd like to begin the celebration a bit early..

In learning how to use YouTube, I have tried different software to edit videos..Been using Windows Movie Maker to make most of the things I have on YouTube..Thought Once again I would try something different..A Slideshow History of WKYC-TV..

Using the 35th Anniversary Video I featured awhile back with the 50's-60's vintage Audio clips from Jerry Immel, I have created a 5-minute slideshow featuring Faces, logos and ID's Through the History of TV 3 up to 1983..One problem..There is only between 3-4 minutes of slides and 5 minutes of audio..

Featured either in audio or video/slide form:

Linn Sheldon
Clay Conroy
Bud Dancy
Jim Graner
Wally Kinnan
Virgil Dominic
Doug Adair
Pete French
Jay Miltner
David Hawthorne
Gordon Ward
Tom Field
Mile Douglas
Jerry G. Bishop
Del Donahoo
Mona Scott
Dave Patterson
Judd Hambrick


  1. I don't recognize the announcer who did the first sign off announcement in this vid. Nor do I recognize one of them who did the station ID for WNBK.

  2. Bill:
    Those are some I didnt have names for..The person I got them from didnt have the names either..

  3. The first KYW-TV sign-off on this clip sounds like the early formings of the script they used after the 1965 FCC/Justice Department-ordered reversal of the NBC/Westinghouse license swap and "Group W's" going back to Philadelphia (although those KYW/Philly sign-ons and -offs I've heard made no mention of the TV Code). It also sounds like pre-1960, given the mention of the Superior Avenue address and the lack of "Programs broadcast by this station..." copyright disclaimer.

    Also, I presume the Wally King mentioned in that sign-off was one and the same as the New York-based CBS announcer of the 1960's-'80's?

  4. According to Jerry Immel, the first sign-off announcement may have been Tom Fletcher, who worked for WJW-TV and was the first host of "Polka Varieties" on WEWS Channel 5. The One on the WNBK ID was definitely Wally King of WTAM-1100, who did have a career in New York Radio and TV at WNEW Radio and CBS-TV.

    The KYW and WNBK clips were definitely from the 1955-57 era..With the "Blaushield Chevrolat" ad mentioning "1955 Chevrolet". Anything from WTAM/WNBK would have been no later than February 13, 1956. Of course, the WKYC-Jay Miltner ID was likely from the mid-60's.

    Plus, the "jingle" before the Gordon Ward/Tom Field sign-off announcements..(We're gonna blow our own horn..etc)..Would appear to be from the first days/weeks of Westinghouse ownership in 1956..

  5. Did Wally King work at WNEW 1130? I know another Wally - Wally Parker, who was an ABC staff announcer out of New York from 1965 to 1990 - had been with WNEW prior to joining ABC, when would Mr. King have been at the legendary radio station?

    Finally, at what point would that copyright disclaimer I mentioned first take effect in the scripts of sign-offs, including KYW/WKYC?

  6. Actually, I see Mr. King was with WNEW in 1963, not long before that station's 30th anniversary. So that answers that question . . . he also did some announcing work for "That Was the Week That Was," alternating with Jerry Damon (but that's another story).

  7. Great stuff, Tim. Do you ever recall seeing any ads for the Giant Tiger department store? When I was a kid in the late 1960's, that store was one of my favorite places.