Friday, August 31, 2007

WJW TV8 Cleveland 1971 Daytime Promo

Here, friends, is a real blast from the past..WJW Channel 8 daytime lineup as shown in a 1971 promo commercial by Big Chuck and Little John on May, 27, 1994..Not long after the announcement of the CBS to Fox affiliation switch..Except for a 1967 Hoolihan and Big Chuck Skit with Andy Griffith, this is about the oldest Cleveland TV clip on You Tube. While posting this I find there are other thumbnails of TV 8 Clips on the bottom of the player. Enjoy!!


  1. Tim,

    Good find. I'll keep my comments brief secing I'm not the most popular character around.

  2. tim--the video on youtube was hilarious. it was interesting to see how much hair dave buckel, murray stewart, jeff maynor, jim muehler, tim taylor had in comparison to now--we are all thinning on top, wearing rugs or naturally bald--david5258

  3. Buckel still has his's just gray.