Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cleveland Radio Friday Evening June 18, 1965

In relation to the previous post on KYW Radio, I'd like to share the Radio listings of the Cleveland Press for the Friday Evening/overnight June 18, 1965


6PM Jerry G
10PM News/Contact
11PM News/Contact
11:30 Jim Runyon
Midnight Jay Lawrence All Night


6PM News
6:10 Race Recap
6:15 Gary Short
7PM Baseball Parade
7:30 Baseball Indians vs. Los Angeles Angels
10:15 Tenth Inning
10:30 World Today
11PM News/Harness Racing
11:15 Gary Short
Midnight News:Gary Short
2AM Dick Conrad

WGAR-1220-ABC/Some NBC

6PM News, Business
6:15 Sports, Sid Andorn
6:30 Huntley:Weather:Closeup
7PM Edward P. Morgan
7:15 Tom Harmon Sports
7:30 Morgan Beatty
7:45 Life Line
8PM News:Open Forum
9PM News:Emphasis (NBC)
9:10 Harry Pildner
10PM News
10:15 Music After Dark
11PM News, Sports
11:15 Music After Dark
MidnightNews:Music After Dark
1AM Sign-Off


6PM Rudd Study Hall
10PM Wil Rudd Blues Show
Midnight News
12:15 Wright All Night


6PM News:Carousel
6:45 Lowell Thomas
7PM News:Sports
7:30 Carousel
8PM Candlelight Concert
10PM World Tomorrw Likely Herbert W. Armstrong
10:30 Project 1260
11PM News:Music Unlimited
Midnight News:Music Unlimited'
1AM Sign-Off


6PM News
6:15 Sports:Wall Street
6:30 Talent Showcase
7PM News, 'JW Tonight
10PM News, 'JW Tonight
11PM News, 'JW Tonight
11:15 Bible:Starlight
Midnight News
12:15 Starlight
2AM Sound Of Music


6PM Ron Brittian
7PM Bob Friend
10PM Highlights on Education
10:30 Bob Friend
Midnight Gregory All Night


6PM Les Anderson
7PM Mike Payne
9PM Sign-Off

Description of then-Current FM Dial

WCUY 92.3 7AM-1AM Jazz
WZAK 93.1 7AM-Midnight Continental Music-Foreign Language-Stereo
WDBN 94.9 6AM-Midnight Popular and Serious Music-Stereo
WCLV 95.5 6:45 AM-1AM Serious, Folk and Show Music, Literature, discussion-Stereo
WERE 98.5 Duplication of AM Program 24 hours
WGAR 99.5 7AM-10PM Serious Music
WHK 100.7 7AM-10PM Jazz and Popular Music
WCRF 103.3 7AM-11PM Religious and Serious Music
WJW 104.1 24 Hours-Popular Music
WKYC 105.7 Noon-Midnight Serious, Jazz and Show Music
WXEN 106.5 8AM-Midnight-Nationalities
WEOL 107.3 2-8PM Serious and Show Music
WNOB 107.9 24 Hours-Popular Light Classical and Show Tunes

Many of the stations listed are connected with AM stations..within a few years 98.5 as WGCL and later WNCX..As well as 100.7 WMMS and WQAL 104.1 would carve out their own identies as FM grew in popularity..


  1. WGAR 99.5 would go full circle, from the "serious music" to WNCR-progressive to top 40 to country, to WKSW- "Kiss 99.5" and beautiful music to KS 100 country to where they are today back to WGAR.

  2. Before he left for Florida, John Lanagin, who was our PD at the time, had the idea to put the full-service adult contemporary format on our FM sister KSW,which was country at the time..and change the FM call letters to WGAR-FM.

    This was 1983.

    Had we done that, I would probably still be working there.

    --Don Olson