Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WEWS-TV-February 1965/Merv Griffin..

WEWS-TV 5 Ad for weeknight cartoon shows..This is one of my earliest TV memories-Watching Yogi and Huck weeknights at 6:30 (courtesy TV Guide)

Yes, we're still here..Been working more the last few weeks..I will be taking a research trip this Thursday (8-16) to Cleveland Public Library. I have a particular angle I'm working on for one of my next blog articles..Also may try to visit Quicken Loans Arena to find out about the new AHL Hockey Team and doing some other things as I have time.

I've noticed that All in All, I've written very little about WEWS-Channel 5 as opposed to 3 and 8 in the blog..Channel 5 was probably my favorite station growing up in the mid 1960's..As I may have written before, they are probably the longest running single owner TV station in the USA that is not Owned and Operated by a network..Scripps-Howard has owned the station from its inception in 1947..Nearly 60 years now. Channel 5 was also known for having personalities and shows on for years..Polka Varieties and Gene Carroll on over 20 years..Dorothy Fuldheim for 38 years..Fred Griffith spent over 30 years at TV 5. Don Webster, Ted Henry, the list goes on..As a kid, I loved the Cartoons..Captain Penny (Ron Penfound) On twice a day (12:15 and 4:30 or 5 PM) Mr. Jingeling, Hanna Barbera Cartoons, The Three Stooges..(Penfound would say of the Stooges antics.."Don't try this at home")I remember watching the Later years of Bill Cullen's Price Is Right on Channel 5 and 'Playing Game Show Host" The early 70's saw the Goodson-Todman Syndicated What's My Line and To Tell The Truth In the early evening.

Channel 5 to me seemed like it was more "Local" even than the other stations..Mostly because with ABC affiliation,,for years early morning and afternoon wasnt programmed by the network and they had to fill with more local product (Not unlike the very early days of WXEL/WJW-TV)..Even now that local heritage comes through in their news broadcasts.

TV Guide Listings for Channel 5 February 13-14-15, 1965

Saturday February 13, 1965

7:55 News
8AM Living Word
8:15 Fisher Family (This Is The Life)
8:45 Anthropology-Mednick
9:15 Inside Catholic Schools
9:30 Cartoons
10AM Shenanigans-Game
10:30 Discovery '65 (Network aired Annie Oakley)
11AM Casper
11:30 Porky Pig
Noon Bugs Bunny
12:30 Hoppity Hooper
1PM Wide World Of Sports
2:30 Meet Your Schools
2:45 It's Worth Knowing (These 2 shows and Inside Catholic Schools-15 minute shows that seemed like they were all over the schedule from the early 1950's,,These shows' days may have been numbered by this time-I dont recall seeing these on the schedule after January 1967)

3PM Western Reserve Univ. Perspective
3:30 Pro Bowlers Tour-Chris Schenkel/Billy Welu
5PM Big 5 Show-Don Webster (Upbeat)
6PM Twelve O'Clock High (10PM Fridays on ABC)
7PM Its Academic-Don Cameron-He commuted from Canada to do the show each week..Was very famous there..Don Webster would take over eventually)
7:30 King Family-Music
8:30 Way Out Men-SPECIAL (Lawrence Welk pre-empted)
9:30 Hollywood Palace:Host George Burns, Connie Stevens, Rich Little and Wayne Newton are among the guests.
10:30 Call Mr. D-Syndicated
11PM News-Bert LeGrand
11:10 Sports-Don Webster
11:20 Weather-Randy Culver
11:25 Sports (Probably commentary)-Gordon Cobbledick-Recently (1964) Retired Cleveland Plain Dealer Sports Editor
11:30 Johnny Carson-COLOR
1AM To be announced
1:30 News

Sunday February 14, 1965

8AM Christophers
8:30 Vital Faith
9AM TV Gospel Time
9:30 Bullwinkle
10AM Supercar
10:30 Beany and Cecil
11AM Movie-Apache Rose 1947
Noon Gene Carroll
1PM Polka Varieties-Tom Fletcher
2PM TV Bowl-DEBUT-Ken Coleman-Syndicated
3PM NBA Basketball Cincinnati Royals at St. Louis Hawks (Amazingly, Joined in Progress from 2PM-Royals won 99-92)
4PM Shell's Wonderful World Of Golf-COLOR
5PM Championship Bowling (3 bowling shows on broadcast TV in one weekend-How times have changed)
6PM Phoenix Open Golf-SPECIAL
7PM Men In Crisis
7:30 Wagon Train
8:30 Broadside-Comedy
9PM ABC Sunday Night Movie-COLOR-Alias Jesse James 1959
10:55 Weather-Don Webster (Movie Ran Short)
11PM Sports-Don Webster
11:05 Sports Commentary-Cobbledick
11:10 Les Crane
12:40 TBA
12:55 News

Monday February 15, 1965

8:40 News
8:45 Psychology-Allerand
9:15 Language Arts-Grade 6
9:30 Romper Room-Miss Barbara
10AM Paige Palmer-Live
10:30 Junior Clubhouse
11AM Tennessee Ernie Ford
11:30 Price Is Right-Bill Cullen
Noon News-Dorothy Fuldheim, Bill Jorgensen
12:15 Noon Show-Captain Penny
1PM Donna Reed
1:30 Quick As A Wink-Don Webster (Local Game Show-By Webster's account-Lasted about 13 weeks)
2PM Flame In The Wind
2:30 Day In Court
2:55 ABC News-Marlene Sanders
3PM General Hospital
3:30 Young Marrieds
4PM Trailmaster (Wagon Train Reruns)
5PM Comedy Clubhouse-Captain Penny
6PM Dobie Gillis
6:30 Woody Woodpecker
7PM Dorothy Fuldheim
7:10 News-Tom Field
7:20 Bill Jorgensen Report
7:25 Weather-Ron Jaye
7:30 Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea
8:30 No Time For Sergeants
9PM Wendy And Me-George Burns, Connie Stevens
9:30 Bing Crosby Show-Sitcom
10PM Dinah Shore-SPECIAL (Pre-empts Ben Casey)
11PM News-Tom Field
11:10 Sports-Paul Wilcox
11:15 Bill Jorgensen Report
11:20 Dorothy Fuldheim
11:30 Johnny Carson-COLOR

Also, we must mention the recent passing of Merv Griffin..He was a pioneer in the greatest sense of the word,,A singer, actor, producer, host and enterpreneur-He did everything well..Incidentally Merv's talk show was featured on TV 5 for many years..
Seems we are losing more of the "class" people every day in the entertainment business..Mike Douglas and Merv pioneered the Daytime talk show in the 1960's..Merv will definitely be missed..prayers go out to family and friends at this time....


  1. Almost Broadcasting Company indeed. Thanks for this post!

  2. I used to watch on Captain Penny

    who's the Funny Man?

    Roger Ramjet

    The Funny Company

    The Astronut

    And so on...

  3. Cliff:
    I remember all of those..plus Batfink " Your Bullets cannot har me:My wings are like a shield of steel" (Now out on DVD)..The "Funny Man" was played by Cliff Norton..The "Funny Company" is on TBN's "Smile of a Child" digital tv channel (WDLI 17-5 if you have an antenna)

    Great memories indeed..

  4. Wow - what a blast from the past! I remember thinking Dorothy Fuldheim was really a pain - I guess that was because she was on so often, LOL. However, she really was an icon of the times! Thanks for the memories!