Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Does This Program go to Parma??-Ghoulardifest 2010

October 23, 1965 -6:30 PM listing for "The Ernie Anderson Special"-Some skits were taken out of this special and shown during the Friday/Saturday Night Show over the years, but the entire special has never been rebroadcast.

July 1961-Ernie's Place-TV Guide Ad for the premiere of Anderson's Morning Movie Show

Classic Manners "Big Ghoulardi" Ad..

November 21, 1992-First "Ghoulardi Night" (Part One) on Big Chuck and Lil John..Chuck visits Ernie Anderson out in Hollywood and Lil John hosts from Cleveland..All 3 parts of the show (minus movie) are on our Facebook Page..

"Hey Group"

Time for yet another Ghoulardifest..(Number VI). This year being held at the UAW Hall in..Parma! (cue polka music) 5615 Chevrolet Blvd. October 22-23-24 2010. Guests include:

Hoolihan (Bob Wells)-He will be presented with a Cleveland Association of Broadcasters "Legend" award..
Big Chuck
Lil John
Art Lofredo
Mary Ann Winkowski returns-Her stories provided the basis for CBS' Ghost Whisperer Series

The Cast of "The Dead Matter" Film that Chuck, Mike Olszewski and Al Pawlowski of SportsTime Ohio appeared in-Including:
Jason Carter
Barry Van Camp
Donna Williams
Producer Gary Jones..

The DVD of "The Dead Matter" Will be available for sale, as well as a new "Best Of" Big Chuck and Lil John Volume 5-First "Live" Project Chuck and John have done since their retirement in 2007..

Big Chuck and Lil John Halloween PJ Party Saturday, Oct. 23 8-11:30..A Newly found Hoolihan and Big Chuck Show will be shown during this time-Hooli, Chuck and John will be there of course, with the "Dead Matters" Cast and Son of Ghoul..Admission to the PJ Party is $10.00 food will be provided at reasonable cost..

The Ernie Anderson/Tim Conway "Are We On" Video will be shown during Ghoulardifest VI..This was taped at Bowling Green State University in 1965..

There will be a "Movie Room" with Showings of:
Ernie Anderson Tribute Show
Ghoulardi PBS Special
BC/LJ Halloween Special
Best of Ghoulardi Shock Theater
Dead Matters Movie (Q and A with Cast following)
And more..


Adults: $15.00 per day
3 day pass still only $30.00
Children up to 12 years old FREE (When accompanied by an adult)

($2.00 OFF on one day or $5.00 OFF on 3 day)

Providing Entertainment will be Take II and The Soul Men Blues Brothers Tribute..

I hope to be able to make it one day during the fest, but Fans of The Cleveland Horror Host Tradition and Classic Local TV need to be here..It is a great time and Hoolihan. Chuck and John are class acts..You will have fun..

Ghoulardifest VI link with more information thread for Ghoulardifest VI-The complete Movie Room Schedule

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