Monday, September 13, 2010

Andrea Carroll..Now Dr. Andrea Hill..

Here is the lovely Miss Andrea Carroll..Her real name was Andrea Lee DeCapite..She made many appearances on "The Gene Carroll Show" as a teenager..Photo courtesy Neil Zurcher's NE Ohio TV Memories..

In doing the blog over the last 3 and a half years, I am amazed at finding out stuff I didnt know about Cleveland TV..Andrea DeCapite was a young lady who grew up in Cleveland..She made a name for herself as a teen through many appearances on the Gene Carroll Show on WEWS in the early 1960's. In appreciation of the Break Gene gave her, she took the stage name "Andrea Carroll"..She had several local hit songs, including "Please Don't talk to the Lifeguard" and "Why am I so Shy?".The reason I bring this up now is that along with the Picture on Neil Zurcher's page, EX-WGAR Newsman Eric Braun tells of a link to a website that updates Andrea Carroll, now Dr. Andrea Hill, who owns a Drama School with her husband,Lyle B. Hill in Burbank, California.

Here's a link to the blog page by Chuck Benjamin.."Andrea Carroll..Pop Princess to P.H.D" that updates where Ms. Hill is now, along with lots of nice feedback.. Thanks Eric for sharing this

Original Picture page with comments-Neil Zurcher's NE Ohio TV Memories:

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  1. I remember Andrea and her lovely mother and father. They were such lovely people. I was with Gene Carroll when I started singing lessons at the age of 5 or six. I was on the Production numbers at the end of the show many times over the years. Gene had me sing on the Pee Wee King show in the summer of 1955. I had just graduated from High School and by being on that show I had to turn professional. I had to join AFTRA. Then I couldn't be on Gene's show because I would have to be paid and his show was an amateur show. Andrea was a little girl then. She was so cute and had those great dimples. I ran into her in Florida many years later. I moved back to Cleveland in 1992 and have been here since. It is great to learn how far Andrea has come. So glad to know all about her life. Hi to Andrea from Charlene (Mills) LeBel.